Monday, March 31, 2008


Tonight, Eloise the Elementalist and Florence the Scout went on a hunt for 150 White Feathers. These were found by defeating the fat orange birds in the River map north west of Rion Plains. Even though Eloise was wearing a relatively low level Torsche Robe, its high elemental resistance made for a perfect defense against the birds' attacks since they attacked with all 3 elements. The level 60 robe protected even better than a regular level 68 robe. We received Andre's card after we gave him the feathers.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Trinity Level 2

Trinity Level 2, originally uploaded by Oranda.

Today, our clan spent the afternoon and evening on Mission Lobbies. During the afternoon, we visited the level 3 version of the lobbies while during the evening, we visited the level 2 versions. The creatures in the lobbies were mostly the mini bosses found in various areas and my lower leveled family members could not survive them. Therefore, I had to use the primary team which seemed to be overkill.

Trinity Level 2 was quite pretty with water running down stone walls and marble floors. The primary team managed to obtain 4 Escudo Claws from this level. Just 2 more to go.

Adelina & Emilia

Adelina & Emilia, originally uploaded by Oranda.

After Jezebel Glen, our team headed into Porto Bello (Deck, Cabin, and Hold) with about 4 fellow clan members. This was because Jezebel Glen was becoming too easy and gave diminsihing returns. With our squad of five, we easily survived the dungeon.

Eventually, the other squad members needed to leave and hence we disbanded. With out team's improved levels, we took them around town to fulfill Adelina's and Gracielo's personal quests. It turns out that Adelina had quite an appetite for revenge and easily took out her prey. In fact, when her ultimate target of revenge provoked her, she gained some buffs and defeated him so quickly that I didn't even catch the attack. Just the sound of her dual sabre and the enemy boss was defeated.

Gracielo's quest took awhile to complete. He had to journey into the Porto Bello Deserted Quay and train by himself defeating turtles, wolves, and even a bear. Afterwards, he had to journey around the cities and single handedly defeat 3 fellow disciples. At the end, he received his Chapter of the Wind stance as the reward.

Clan at Jezebel Glen

Clan at Jezebel Glen, originally uploaded by Oranda.

This afternoon, Gracielo, Emilia, and Adelina visited Jezebel Glen to train with the rest of the clan. At one point, there was even more than 8 families in that one area. As a result, mobs were eliminated as quickly as they appeared. The monster count rose by the second and our family accumulated over 128 lvl 30 experience cards which we spent all on Jack to get him to level 39.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Catherine & Jack

Tonight, Suigintou the summoner Catherine took Jack the Engineer on a tour of the Tetra Dungeon (ie. Golden Road), Porto Bello, and Porto Bello Deck. It was an expensive tour that took at least 3 separate trips. Each trip used up 200 toolboxes mainly on Suigintou's dolls, but both of them managed to gain a few levels. Suigintou has also managed to reach the maximum level of the Marionette stance. As there were 5 total skills, it was impossible to reach the max skill level for all of them. As a result, the Walter doll summoning skill was left at level 8.

The primary team also attempted an unsuccessful foray into the Prison. The creatures there were too difficult though and they will have to return another day.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rion Dungeon Hollows

Last night was spent at the Rion Dungeon Hollows. Getting there was quite a hassle as a Bear Leader defeated our team a few times on the way there. The monsters of the Hollows consisted of fat birds, jumping crocs, brown bears, and white bears. Although each individual creature had a level lower than the primary team members, their sheer numbers can easily take us down when we're not careful. Especially annoying are the crates that suddenly appear and release a dozen jumping crocs.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Tonight, the primary team (Maria the Fighter, Florence the Scout, and Eloise the Elementalist) visited the Rion Dungeon. It seemed like a decent place to fight monsters as they spawn quickly and it was easy to devise tactics within the confines of the corridors. Our team had some issues with the larger rooms though as a mob of brightly colored dogs easily took us down.

As the Underground Relics was still opened at this time, Maria and Florence took Iris the Musketeer and rushed there. As Iris was only level 53, she gained a lot of experience but not yet enough to gain a level within the hour that we were there. Unfortunately, the skeletons eventually devised a strategy that seperated the team and took down each member.

The clan war between §§Pure-Bloods§§ (our clan) and R.I.P is still ongoing. A single member of R.I.P managed to defeat a squad of our clan members in Torsche Mansion's Reception Hall. It turns out that most of the squad was away from the keyboard and hence may have been unaware that they were attacked. There is currently no end in sight for this conflict.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Plate Mail

Plate Mail, originally uploaded by Oranda.

Maria has finally reached level 68 and thus was able to wear the new Plate Mail armor (changes appearance). It's very shiny with flares on the shouders and knees.


This afternoon, my primary team had the privilege of seeing a Veteran level Angie in action. While fighting off skeletons in the Sacred Dungeon (aka Underground Relics), an Angie from a family of the Invictus clan asked for help in resurrecting their family members. We formed a squad and fought off skeletons together. The battle tactic that their family used for Angie was as follows. In some central point, 3 towers of rotating blades were constructed. In the middle of the towers was probably a fence or at least something to attract the skeletons' attention. There were also a few wards too that increased HP/SP regeneration, and Concentration. Along the perimeter of the wards, Angie built siege cannons and more Safety wards.

To put the infrastructure into good use, my team ran along the perimeter of the outer wards to attract the skeletons' attention. Once we had a dozen or so skeletons following us, we ran back to the spinning blades. Once within the perimeter of the inner wards, the skeletons were attracted to the blades and thus ground to dust.

Joaquin Crater

It was an unusually quiet night tonight so the primary team simply explored the Joaquin Crater and hunted the bears and wolves living there.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Underground Relics

Last night, while wandering through Bonavista River, my main team (Maria, Florence, Eloise) encountered a fellow clan member. We hunted comically fat birds for awhile before a world wide message appeared indicating that the Underground Relics were opened. The clan member recommended that I pay a visit to it so I rushed to Pradera de Ceniza. The local coordinates of the entrance was around E/F 5/6 (along a wall) but it took my team awhile to get there as we were hounded by dogs of various colors nipping at our heels.

By the time the team had reached the location, the entrance was closed. Fortunately, the fellow clan member had just obtained another key and thus we should be able to enter. The entrance is actually a tombstone and when the key was activated, a blue light erupted from the group and we fell into the earth. We found ourselves before a staircase but when we took a step forward, we got teleported into an area heavily populated with skeletons. Before the team had a chance to do anything, the various skeletons formed a mob and assaulted us.

Fortunately, the fellow clan member was of a higher level and also went into the Underground Relics. With some effort, my team members were revived and we escaped to the safety of another group huddling along a niche in the wall. Together, we formed a squad of about 6 families and thus was able to easily survive.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Clan Wars

Our clan, the Pure Bloods, is at war with R.I.P again. It seems that someone from our clan caught and PKed their leader and then gloated about it on the clan channel. I think it'll be a long war...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Aidonium & Elite swords

Tonight, Suigintou searched for and found more Aidonium within the Tetra Catacombs. This enabled the Adelina in our family (whom we named Alice) to craft an Elite Cutlass and an Elite Long Sword. Unfortunately, nobody in our family has a need for those types of weapons and thus they went in to the warehouse.

Suigintou's battle within the Tetra Catacombs was a surprising one as I had not expected her to defeat the Siegmund mini bosses but she managed to defeat a few, each time losing only 1 Lloyd in the process. Watching it was like watching a pack of hyenas take down an elephant. The little dolls (2 Lloyds and 2 Sashas) just surrounded the guy in a semi circle and pummeled it. Suigintou's journey ended when all the Toolboxes were used up and she managed to reach level 34.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Steel Pieces

Tonight, Suigintou (Summoner Catherine class) spent an hour at the Tetra Ruins collecting Steel Pieces and Aidonium Pieces. It was quite easy as the summoned dolls did all the dirty work while Suigintou just had to pick up the pieces. About 39 Composite Steel pieces were created from the Steel Pieces of tonight's haul. The Aidonium Pieces were accidentally sold though and will need to be collected again tomorrow in order to fulfill the requirements of some Elite recipes.

As of mid last week, the price of Toolset have decreased by half. Instead of costing 120 Vis, each now cost 60 Vis. It's still not cheap though as Suigintou used up over 100 Toolsets in the course of an hour.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Najib's and Claude's cards

The primary team (Maria, Florence, and Eloise) has managed to successfully complete Najib's and Claude's quests and obtained their character cards. For Najib, he requested furniture and candlesticks from Dr. Torsche's mansion. These were obtained by defeating the haunted desks and haunted candlesticks. It's no wonder that by the time the items were brought back to town, that they became alive again and needed to be put down. It was an intense battle that took a few tries to achieve victory. There were floating books, haunted desks, and even some creepy guy floating in the background. They were attacking with a constant stream of Chain Lightning along with something explosive.

The final battle that result in our victory went as so. Maria went into the fray and defeated by spinning a polearm and knocking back 5 books. I think she managed to defeat a few more before the spell damage overwhelmed Florence's healing ability and thus Maria was defeated. Next to go was Florence as she drew the mob's attention while Eloise managed to get in front of the flying guy which was at the center of the mob. By the time the mob knew what was happening and concentrating their lightning and fire attacks on her (of which Eloise was resistant to thanks to the Torsche Dress), Eloise managed to finish the spell incantation for Inferno Flame which just blew everyone away.

Najib's next quest was to gather lumber to fix the broken furniture. The lumber is found in El Tejado Verde which is the most annoying place I've encountered so far. There was a constant stream of enemies running towards you and attacking you. Someone even put cannons on dogs but the most annoying thing were the Striped Spiders. If 3 spiders managed to surround the team, they could easily cast Web constantly, thus ensuring that the team would not move again. Upon the completion of this quest, Najib gives you his card.

Claude's quest was a little easier. We started the quest earlier and all that was left were pieces of Haunted Candles from the Torshe Mansion Garden.

Composite Steel

Tonight, Suigintou (aka Summoner Catherine), went on a solo mission to collect materials to create Composite Steel pieces. She first went to Cathari Falls as she was only level 16 and managed to collect a few hundred Bulk Coal pieces. As she was working by herself, Suigintou was able to level quickly and soon reached the mid 20s. At this point, she journeyed into the Tetra Ruins to collect Steel pieces. After about a hundred Steel pieces were collected, it was getting late and became time to head back to town. About 28 Composite Steel pieces were collected tonight and these should be useful in creating Elite weapons.

Relaxing at Tetra Ruins

Tetra Ruins, originally uploaded by Oranda.

Suigintou's servants discuss in the background about what to do with their lazy master.

Torsche Dress

Torsche Dress, originally uploaded by Oranda.

Modeling the Torsche Dress, which is originally worn by the Helena dolls of the Torsche Mansion.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Iris & the Mansion's Garden

Tonight, Florence and Eloise brought Iris (the musketeer) on a dog hunt. Specifically, they were hunting Wild Dogs within the Garden of Dr. Torsche's Mansion. It was a long hunt but eventually enough dog teeth was collected. Next was hunting for Haunted Candlesticks. Apparently, Claude wants them to make weapons but I can't imagine what could be made from them.

At the end of the night, Eloise was finally able to wear the Torsche Dress. This was the dress that was made from 100 patches of Sasha's dresses by Maid Rosanne. As expected, it was as unflattering on Eloise as it was on Sasha but it was something different.


capture_00034, originally uploaded by Oranda.

Eloise and a Catherine doll (the name Suigintou would fit really well here with the black wings). At a glance, it looked like the two are conducting an orchestra.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

She's Alive!

Tonight, we gave in and spent our entire family fortune (2 million vis) to purchase Catherine's Left Hand from the market. There was only one for sale and it was the last piece of the puzzle but now, the doll is complete. We visited the Mansion to inform the Dr. Torsche of our good news. He made us an offer to decide what sort of heart to place in the doll. Although we had 3 Catherine's Hearts, we decided to put a Refined Quartz instead. As a result, an animated Catherine summoner doll are created. We decided to name our family member Suigentou as it seemed to be missing a torso (it has a chest and pelvis but nothing in between).

On another note, we gathered tungsten, tortoise shells, and rogue daggers for Claude. He made us a plain Durendal and Trooper's Sabre. We were disappointed as we already have a bunch of those already and in a variety of enchanted flavors.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dr.Torsche's Mansion - Library

capture_00036, originally uploaded by Oranda.

Maria, Eloise, and Florence are awed by the vastness of the library.

Catherine's Left Arm

I jumped in joy when I finally got Catherine's Left Arm from the first floor of the Mansion. It took 3 continuous hours tonight and many more hours from the past few days. This part was so rare that no one sold it at the market, unlike Catherine's Pelvis which simply went for a high price. All that's left for me is a single part before I complete her and hopefully I'll see the part at the market with a reasonable price tag.

To break the monotony wandering through the Mansion, I introduced another family member to it. Her name is Iris and she is a musketeer currently wielding a Barkin rifle. Although her level is too low to journey with her peers through the Mansion herself, she was in the relatively safe hands of Florence and Eloise. Eloise's 1 hit kill fireballs certainly help with relieving the hordes of dolls and suits of armor that comes rushing in.

I think I stepped on something

Summoned treasure golem, originally uploaded by Oranda.

A snapshot from one of our past journeys through Porto Bello. A humanoid lobster lies prone on the floor after being stepped on by a Treasure Golem.


This is a log of our adventures and misadventures through Cesario. Many things have happened during the past month and a half since we've set foot on shore. Our family, the Kenmar, has grown to 15 members and we've even joined a clan. Introduction some of our family members, we have:
  • Maria - A Fighter who likes to try out various fighting techniques in order to adapt to available weapons and crisis situations. Currently, she is attempting to master the polearm as it comes in quite handy in chopping up violent dolls, man eating furniture, and other things that go bump in the night.
  • Florence - A Scout who acts as the official healer of the team. Quick and nimble, she is usually able to step out of the way when a train of monsters comes bearing down upon the team. She is also able to wield daggers if the situation requires it.
  • Eloise - An Elementalist who is trying to master all the skills of her craft and have already mastered Fire Provocation. There's nothing like surprising an monster by blowing them off their feet with a fireball.