Sunday, March 30, 2008

Adelina & Emilia

Adelina & Emilia, originally uploaded by Oranda.

After Jezebel Glen, our team headed into Porto Bello (Deck, Cabin, and Hold) with about 4 fellow clan members. This was because Jezebel Glen was becoming too easy and gave diminsihing returns. With our squad of five, we easily survived the dungeon.

Eventually, the other squad members needed to leave and hence we disbanded. With out team's improved levels, we took them around town to fulfill Adelina's and Gracielo's personal quests. It turns out that Adelina had quite an appetite for revenge and easily took out her prey. In fact, when her ultimate target of revenge provoked her, she gained some buffs and defeated him so quickly that I didn't even catch the attack. Just the sound of her dual sabre and the enemy boss was defeated.

Gracielo's quest took awhile to complete. He had to journey into the Porto Bello Deserted Quay and train by himself defeating turtles, wolves, and even a bear. Afterwards, he had to journey around the cities and single handedly defeat 3 fellow disciples. At the end, he received his Chapter of the Wind stance as the reward.

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