Monday, March 17, 2008

Aidonium & Elite swords

Tonight, Suigintou searched for and found more Aidonium within the Tetra Catacombs. This enabled the Adelina in our family (whom we named Alice) to craft an Elite Cutlass and an Elite Long Sword. Unfortunately, nobody in our family has a need for those types of weapons and thus they went in to the warehouse.

Suigintou's battle within the Tetra Catacombs was a surprising one as I had not expected her to defeat the Siegmund mini bosses but she managed to defeat a few, each time losing only 1 Lloyd in the process. Watching it was like watching a pack of hyenas take down an elephant. The little dolls (2 Lloyds and 2 Sashas) just surrounded the guy in a semi circle and pummeled it. Suigintou's journey ended when all the Toolboxes were used up and she managed to reach level 34.

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