Sunday, March 23, 2008


This afternoon, my primary team had the privilege of seeing a Veteran level Angie in action. While fighting off skeletons in the Sacred Dungeon (aka Underground Relics), an Angie from a family of the Invictus clan asked for help in resurrecting their family members. We formed a squad and fought off skeletons together. The battle tactic that their family used for Angie was as follows. In some central point, 3 towers of rotating blades were constructed. In the middle of the towers was probably a fence or at least something to attract the skeletons' attention. There were also a few wards too that increased HP/SP regeneration, and Concentration. Along the perimeter of the wards, Angie built siege cannons and more Safety wards.

To put the infrastructure into good use, my team ran along the perimeter of the outer wards to attract the skeletons' attention. Once we had a dozen or so skeletons following us, we ran back to the spinning blades. Once within the perimeter of the inner wards, the skeletons were attracted to the blades and thus ground to dust.

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