Monday, March 10, 2008

Catherine's Left Arm

I jumped in joy when I finally got Catherine's Left Arm from the first floor of the Mansion. It took 3 continuous hours tonight and many more hours from the past few days. This part was so rare that no one sold it at the market, unlike Catherine's Pelvis which simply went for a high price. All that's left for me is a single part before I complete her and hopefully I'll see the part at the market with a reasonable price tag.

To break the monotony wandering through the Mansion, I introduced another family member to it. Her name is Iris and she is a musketeer currently wielding a Barkin rifle. Although her level is too low to journey with her peers through the Mansion herself, she was in the relatively safe hands of Florence and Eloise. Eloise's 1 hit kill fireballs certainly help with relieving the hordes of dolls and suits of armor that comes rushing in.

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