Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Tonight, the primary team (Maria the Fighter, Florence the Scout, and Eloise the Elementalist) visited the Rion Dungeon. It seemed like a decent place to fight monsters as they spawn quickly and it was easy to devise tactics within the confines of the corridors. Our team had some issues with the larger rooms though as a mob of brightly colored dogs easily took us down.

As the Underground Relics was still opened at this time, Maria and Florence took Iris the Musketeer and rushed there. As Iris was only level 53, she gained a lot of experience but not yet enough to gain a level within the hour that we were there. Unfortunately, the skeletons eventually devised a strategy that seperated the team and took down each member.

The clan war between §§Pure-Bloods§§ (our clan) and R.I.P is still ongoing. A single member of R.I.P managed to defeat a squad of our clan members in Torsche Mansion's Reception Hall. It turns out that most of the squad was away from the keyboard and hence may have been unaware that they were attacked. There is currently no end in sight for this conflict.

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