Friday, March 14, 2008

Najib's and Claude's cards

The primary team (Maria, Florence, and Eloise) has managed to successfully complete Najib's and Claude's quests and obtained their character cards. For Najib, he requested furniture and candlesticks from Dr. Torsche's mansion. These were obtained by defeating the haunted desks and haunted candlesticks. It's no wonder that by the time the items were brought back to town, that they became alive again and needed to be put down. It was an intense battle that took a few tries to achieve victory. There were floating books, haunted desks, and even some creepy guy floating in the background. They were attacking with a constant stream of Chain Lightning along with something explosive.

The final battle that result in our victory went as so. Maria went into the fray and defeated by spinning a polearm and knocking back 5 books. I think she managed to defeat a few more before the spell damage overwhelmed Florence's healing ability and thus Maria was defeated. Next to go was Florence as she drew the mob's attention while Eloise managed to get in front of the flying guy which was at the center of the mob. By the time the mob knew what was happening and concentrating their lightning and fire attacks on her (of which Eloise was resistant to thanks to the Torsche Dress), Eloise managed to finish the spell incantation for Inferno Flame which just blew everyone away.

Najib's next quest was to gather lumber to fix the broken furniture. The lumber is found in El Tejado Verde which is the most annoying place I've encountered so far. There was a constant stream of enemies running towards you and attacking you. Someone even put cannons on dogs but the most annoying thing were the Striped Spiders. If 3 spiders managed to surround the team, they could easily cast Web constantly, thus ensuring that the team would not move again. Upon the completion of this quest, Najib gives you his card.

Claude's quest was a little easier. We started the quest earlier and all that was left were pieces of Haunted Candles from the Torshe Mansion Garden.

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