Tuesday, March 11, 2008

She's Alive!

Tonight, we gave in and spent our entire family fortune (2 million vis) to purchase Catherine's Left Hand from the market. There was only one for sale and it was the last piece of the puzzle but now, the doll is complete. We visited the Mansion to inform the Dr. Torsche of our good news. He made us an offer to decide what sort of heart to place in the doll. Although we had 3 Catherine's Hearts, we decided to put a Refined Quartz instead. As a result, an animated Catherine summoner doll are created. We decided to name our family member Suigentou as it seemed to be missing a torso (it has a chest and pelvis but nothing in between).

On another note, we gathered tungsten, tortoise shells, and rogue daggers for Claude. He made us a plain Durendal and Trooper's Sabre. We were disappointed as we already have a bunch of those already and in a variety of enchanted flavors.

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