Friday, March 21, 2008

Underground Relics

Last night, while wandering through Bonavista River, my main team (Maria, Florence, Eloise) encountered a fellow clan member. We hunted comically fat birds for awhile before a world wide message appeared indicating that the Underground Relics were opened. The clan member recommended that I pay a visit to it so I rushed to Pradera de Ceniza. The local coordinates of the entrance was around E/F 5/6 (along a wall) but it took my team awhile to get there as we were hounded by dogs of various colors nipping at our heels.

By the time the team had reached the location, the entrance was closed. Fortunately, the fellow clan member had just obtained another key and thus we should be able to enter. The entrance is actually a tombstone and when the key was activated, a blue light erupted from the group and we fell into the earth. We found ourselves before a staircase but when we took a step forward, we got teleported into an area heavily populated with skeletons. Before the team had a chance to do anything, the various skeletons formed a mob and assaulted us.

Fortunately, the fellow clan member was of a higher level and also went into the Underground Relics. With some effort, my team members were revived and we escaped to the safety of another group huddling along a niche in the wall. Together, we formed a squad of about 6 families and thus was able to easily survive.

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