Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gurtrude Peterson

Yesterday night, Maria, Florence, and Eloise made one last push into Joaquin Prison and managed to make it to the end (Gehenna Bridge). At the end of the bridge, they recovered the final diary that Gurtrude Peterson was looking for. The diaries were given to Gurtrude and after the team talked with a few people in Reboldouex, Gurtrude gave us his card. Our family won't be employing Gurtrude anytime soon though as there are other people on our waiting list eager to join our family.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dinosaurs, prehistoric birds, and man eating plants oh my

Now this is what pioneering is what. Yesterday, after constantly defeated by a black knight on a horse in Joaquin Prison, the primary team decided to set sail on the Pinta for Ustiur Base Camp. It was an uneventful voyage and they soon arrived at their destination. The place was a jungle and supplies were short such that the shops were closed. As a result the primary team was tasked with hunting dinosaurs for their meat and claws. After that was successfully completed, the camp was attacked by rampaging dinosaurs of different types. Fortunately, the knights of the camp were quite strong and eliminated all of the attackers before they managed to even reach the granary. It was the easiest mission yet.

Monday, April 28, 2008

New members

Lorch, Karjalain, and Viki

Viki & Alejandro

Yesterday night, the main team decided to revisit Pradera de Ceniza once again to hunt for the Mamund. Running past the first corner, we almost missed the purple dog that had it. After a short fight, half of Viki's quest was completed. The other half required an Enchanted Heart which can be obtained after finding 20 pieces of Strange items. For the Strange items, our family had all but 5 Strange clocks. Fortunately, someone was selling exactly 5 Strange clocks at a bargain price of 410,000 each at the market and we quickly snapped it up. Returning to the Mysterious Hut, there was a quick battle with a Hill Giant and we were left with the care of the sexually ambiguous Viki. It seems that no one can make up their minds on Viki's gender.

Suigintou (summoner Catherine) took Viki on a brief tour of Porto Bello. There, they accidentally found the last piece of Escudo Pecher's claw that is needed for Alejandro. One of the summoned dolls must have located him somewhere and finished him off in secret. The result of this quest was Alejandro's card.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


There's been no entries the past few days because after adopting Lorch into the family, the family went into seclusion to study at Dr. Torche's Mansion, Annex and to experiment with their new knowledge at Joaquin Prison Laboratory Block. The result of the multiday study period was the maximization of Maria's rapier stances and several of Eloise's elemental stances. Our Andre also impressed Karlajain into joining our family.
Dr. Torsche's Mansion Annex Joaquin Prison Laboratory Block
Maria modeling the Galdiator's outfit and Eloise modeling the Elementalist outfit.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Transparent Otite

Louise the Wizard got a new dress today from Iris the Musketeer. It is a dark conservative number. One wonders how she manages to run in that. Along with the new dress, Louise also brought out a new hat that has been stored in the warehouse for months. Finally, to go with the outifit and accessory, Louise picked a purple staff to wield. It's all about color coordination.

To test out the new outfit, Louise was accompanied by Iris and Florence to Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Reception Hall. There, the Hollow Footman dropped the Transparent Otite needed for Lorch's quest. Unfortunately, a Hollow Footman Captain found out what we were doing and defeated Louise and Iris.

Pradera de Ceniza

Elaboration on yesterday,

Yesterday, the primary team was in Pradera de Ceniza to hunt Panzer Doggies and Bomber Doggies for two of the three types of quest items needed for Lorch's Stun Gun. The fight was not tough as our levels were higher than the dogs but it was still tedious. At one point, there was this tough dog named Violent Gechos which kept knocking us down but we still managed to beat it. We haven't gotten all of the quest items though and would have to visit that place again tonight.

Sometime in the future, we'll have to visit Pradera de Ceniza again to hunt something named Mamond for Viki's quest but as we are still very much lacking in Strange items, there's no hurry to find this notoriously big tough dog.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lorch's quest

Tonight, we decided to help Lorch out in gathering materials for him to build his Stun Gun. It's such a tedious process hunting the dogs with cannons strapped on their backs.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bear hunting

Tonight, Maria, Florence, and Eloise went on a bear hunt in El Ruina de Memoria. With new and improved metal armor, rapier, and lightning bracelets, the bears and the ghost barons didn't stand a chance. Lightning worked surprising well against the ghost barons, even against the Elite Ghost Baron. As a reward for the bear hunts, the Bear Hunter gave us many magical orbs, elemental orbs, some ressurrection potions, some experience scolls, and a few mystic ambers.

We also spent 1,500,000 Vis to purchase 2 Ruby items from the market. They were needed for a level 68 Elite Chainmail recipe which was what Maria was wearing for the bear hunt. This is actually the first useful Elite item our family has created and the second ever.


There is the phrase "ignorance is bliss". I think I was happier exploring the world without knowing about all the politics going on between the clans. That being said, Bristia had its first colony war this weekend. It was a short fight and within an hour and a half, the world map was dominated by TheOne and Celestial who were allied and had dominated Vespanola back when our worlds were separated. The top Cesario clans did manage to gain some colonies initially but eventually lost them all. It's like an evil empire had come upon us.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fire Isle

Spent the afternoon at Fire Isle and managed to get Maria, Florence, and Eloise to at least level 76.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Collecting items for Viki's quest

Today, the family divided into three groups to search for parts for Ulrik. Lower level family members like Soso and Lisa was lead by Louise to hunt Hornets at the Stone Pit, Larval Dragonwasp at Ferrucio Junction, Little Comodo at Cathari Falls, and Little Plaque Rogue at Tetra Hill. Emilia and Iris (the Musketeer) visited El Lago de Tres Hermanas to hunt Slash Agents. Maria, Florence, and Eloise stayed near Viki's house at El Tejado Verde to hunt the spiders. After a day's work, all the materials were collected and we can move on to the next phase of the repairs.

Horsing around

Gracielo being disciplined by Soso.

Viki's picnic

Tonight, Maria, Florence, and Eloise went on a picnic with Viki. Unfortunately they were interrupted by a sorceress who summoned a Treasure Golem. Attacking the sorceress first results in the Treasure Golem bending over and executing a deadly atomic attack. However, if the Treasure Golem was attacked first, the battle becomes very easy. In fact, Viki's grandfather summons an Ararat which defeated the Treasure Golem for us. The Ararat needed repairs after the battle though so our family volunteered to collect the ingredients.

Soso, Gracielo, and Lisa started from Reb city to collect the ingredients. On the way to the gate, a bull ran away from Panfilo and Gracielo volunteered to stop it. He defeated the bull in one kick which earned him praise from the female townsfolk.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


More bear hunting at El Ruina de Memoria. It was a fair fight though as those bears defeated our team almost as much as we defeated them (usually starting with Florence or Eloise). Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes to run there again from the City of Auch. To our surprise, we found out that the Ghost Barons dropped Rodonite which is required for Grace's Joaquin Prison quest. The person who needed us had told us to find it in the Shattered Lands which we took to be Abertal but that map was too high for us to explore it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

El Ruina de Memoria

After another disastrous venture into Joaquin Prison without satisfactory results, I have withdrawn the primary team from that area. Checking the world map for unexplored areas, we decided on El Ruina de Memoria. The path to that area required going through El Verde so we relocated our home base to the City of Auch. Upon arriving at El Ruina de Memoria, the primary team found that it was full of bears, lizards, and ghost barons. It wasn't an easy place but at least there was a Bear Hunter at the center of the map handing out bear ambers and level 80 experience cards as rewards.

Adventures in Porto Bello Deck

Tonight, Suigintou (aka summoner Catherine) and Grace visited Porto Bello The Deck to gather experience cards for Soso. The plan went perfectly for awhile and 6 cards were collected. Suigintou's dolls would take care of most creatures while Grace's Bloody Overdrive was used whenever a crate full of lobsters was opened. Everything went downhill when a Merman Leader decided to appear. It knocked out Grace in 1 hit and Suigintou's dolls willingly sacrificed themselves to give time for Suigintou to escape. When Suigintou couldn't hear the pursuing footsteps of the Merman Leader, she turned back to rescue Grace lest she wakes up to a room full of hostile creatures. Fortunately, the Merman Leader turned out to be occupied with another family of pioneers.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tetra again

Emilia, Lisa, and Soso visited the Tetra dungeon again tonight. This time, Soso trained her Earth type martial arts skill. Only Siegmunds appeared in the various rooms of Tetra Catacombs and they were rapidly brought down by Lisa and Sosa like lions on a zebra. The fat blobs were also no match for the fighting duo and eventually, the trio made their way to the last room. Unfortunately, they was nothing exciting within the room and the treasure was glued to the floor.

In other news, Louise the Wizard and Alice (whose true name is Adelina) visited Porto Bello Deserted Quay in search of a fellow clan member who was looking for assistance. Traces of the clan member were found in the form of litter but unfortunately, the trail turned cold shortly after the Memorial Statue. Evidence implies that the clan member was eaten by the aggressive mobs of turtles roaming the beach.

Maria, Florence, and Eloise continued their misadventures within Joaquin Prison The Mohrgus. Their reports indicate that two more Gulag Furnaces were found along with a strange pillar enamating mysterious energy. Unfortuantely, the newly discovered Gulag Furnaces did not contain Joaquin diaries but supplies instead. Their search continues.

Who's actually going to stop?

Last night, while Maria and her team were off on their misadventures in Joaquin Prison, Emilia lead Soso and Lisa deeper into Tetra Dungeon. It was actually an easy fight with two agile melee fighters. Even as the demons swarmed around the team, Soso would hold back one side while Lisa held back the other. The only obstacles were flying creatures and Castor. The fights against Castor always lasted for awhile as his special attacks usually knocked someone out. If a flying creature took notice, it was shaken off by running through the twisty hallways and ducking amongst the crowd.

While fighting a crowd of fat blobs in a room, Emilia noticed a rowdy group of boys had entered the room. They had a red mark above their heads and was easily identified as being Baron level 1. Being the shy girl she is, Emilia attempted to sneak past the group and managed to exit the room before Soso kicked one of the fat ones in the face, causing it to yelp. With their cover blown, Emilia ran down the hallway, hiding amongst the crowd. One of the rowdy boys yelled out that they were "safe" and another yelled "don't run", but that just sounded like a mugger (or worst) trying to lure a potential victim down a dark alley.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Exploration of Joaquin Prison

Maria's entry:
Tonight's foray into Joaquin Prison was a disaster. We managed to sneak our way past the first few rooms and through many twists and turns. However, Dragon Head surprised us from around a corner and we were barely able to flee. Taking another path, we managed to spot Dragon Head before it spotted us and was successful in sneaking by it. A few minutes later, we saw another pioneer run by us in terror and we knew that trouble would soon follow behind.

A few seconds later, Dragon Head appeared in pursuit of the fleeing pioneer. They disappeared down the corridor but we guessed that he must have caught his victim as he reappeared quickly and chased us up the corridor from which we came. We ran but Eloise tripped on her long skirt. Florence ran back to help her and hence, Dragon Head managed to capture them both.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Roleplay character history

Role play character history of Maria the Fighter and Florence the Scout
Maria and Florence met each other back at the Academy in the mainland. Driven by childhood memories, Maria was eager to learn various fighting skills in order to a "prince". One day, Maria stepped up to defend against a fellow student who was bullying Florence. Drawn by Maria's bravery, Florence began following her around and healing her when she was injured. After many trials and fights against other students of the school, the two developed mutual affection for each other. Upon graduation, Maria and Florence decided to head to the New World to start a new life together.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Group photo

Fire Isle, originally uploaded by Oranda.

This is a group photo of most of the clan members who attended the meeting. Some visited after the photo was taken and most stayed long into the night and into this morning.

Fire Isle Volcano

Fire Isle, originally uploaded by Oranda.

At the center of Fire Isle is a volcano. What makes this sight interesting is the cloud funnel above the volcano. It's almost as if the volcano was formed by sucking the ground.

Fire Isle

Fire Isle, originally uploaded by Oranda.

Last night, we had a clan retreat at Fire Isle. There must have been at least 8 families there. Getting to our spot was a pain as during our first run there, we were accidentally squashed by a summoned Treasure Golem. Fortunately, the culprits resurrected us and we were able to continue. On our second attempt, we chose the wrong channel and was unable to switch, hence we needed to start off from the mainland again.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

No playtime tonight

Apparently, our world Cesario is merging with a parallel world named Vespanola to form a new world named Bristia. Here's hoping that the merge goes well. It'll be exciting to encounter a bunch of new but experienced families.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tetra Catacombs

Tonight, Soso ventured with Emilia into Tetra Catacombs. With level 28 equipment, the creatures there were surprisingly easy to defeat. Soso trained there until she was level 31.

All that's left is to await the merging of the world tomorrow.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Soso at Tetra Ruins

Soso at Tetra Ruins, originally uploaded by Oranda.

Soso arrived at the mainland and started at Reboldeaux. After exploring the surroundings abit, she made her way alone to Al Quelt Moreza. Confident of her abilities from surviving so well, Suigintou the summoner Catherine took Soso for a brief tour Porto Bello.

Soso's punches could not even crack the Paper stone boulders, much less the denizons that thrived at Porto Bello. As a result, all Soso could do was to sit back and watch as Suigintou's dolls took care of business. After awhile, it became apparent that it was too early for Soso to be here so Emilia visited and took Soso for a tour of the Tetra Ruins.

The Tetra Ruins was an exciting place for Soso. With fast Phobitans scurrying around and Soso's attack speed being only 34 (1 attack per 0.34 seconds), there was a flurry of action as Soso was able to per her Chapter of Ice martial arts abilities to good use.

Gigante Island

Gigante Island, originally uploaded by Oranda.

Maria, Florence, and Eloise decided to take an idyllic vacation at Gigante Island. It was a needed break from spending time in the dark and damp Prison de Joaquin. After paying 20,000 vis for a boat ticket, the trio made their way to the island. It was a quiet place with only the staff in sight. There was a girl named Soso standing nearby and after a brief fight in which Soso was surprising weak, we invited her to join the family. She accepted and was sent away to the mainload to be tutored by other family members.

Meanwhile, the trio made their way to the north part of the island and found many people playing with the wildlife at the beach. It looked fun but the staff was charging a steep price of 20,000 vis per activity. As our family is relatively poor, we passed on the activity and just relaxed with the locals.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lying among fruit

Lying among fruit, originally uploaded by Oranda.

Tonight, it was Suigintou the Summoner Catherine's turn to explore the world. She journeyed alone through all three levels of the Porto Bello dungeon and visited the Deserted Quay. As the levels of the creatures rose, it became harder for the dolls to handle them. In the Deserted Quay, the Sasha dolls were constantly knocked out and hence, Helena dolls were used instead.

Joaquin Prison Altar

Joaquin Prison Altar, originally uploaded by Oranda.

This afternoon, the primary team made its way deeper into Joaquin Prison. The place has a dark gothic feel and the team managed to make its way to the Torture Chamber before the creatures there became too difficult to defeat. Eloise the Elementalist has upgraded her Robe and is now able to withstand the lightning attacks of the flying Demonic Priests easier. Therefore, when one shows up, she casts Absolute Zero to bring it down.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Joaquin Prison

Tonight, I figured out how to allow Eloise the Elementalist to survive in Joaquin Prison. It turned out that the Evocation Ice stance dramatically lowers the elemental resistance of the user and in Eloise's case, her lightning resistance was quite low. Switching to Provocation Ice tripled her lightning resistance to a respectable 64 which allows her to survive the Demonic Priests' lightning attacks.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Emilia and Lisa at Tetra Ruins

Emilia and Lisa at Tetra Ruins, originally uploaded by Oranda.

Tonight, Emilia and Lisa visited Tetra Hill and Tetra Ruins to collect Caboose as Lisa's shop ran out of it. We needed 300 but have only collected about 260 so far. Along the way, a massive amount of steel pieces and equipment was collected. Unfortunately, the equipment is around Lisa's level which was too low to be of use to the rest of the family.

Lisa's speed and fighting style was impressive againt the creatures of Tetra. Equipped with a magically enhanced dagger, she is able to knock out each creature with only 1 hit (2 swipes) and as Lisa is a fast attacker, the quick imps were kept at bay.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Prison of Joaquin

Tonight, the primary party attempted to infiltrate the Prison of Joaquin but alas, it was too tough for Eloise. Florence wasn't surviving well either due to the lightning attacks of the flying priests. Fortuantely, Maria was able to survive but she would not be able to proceed far by herself. Somehow, a letter 'g' dropped for me tonight.

Andre the Designer also joined the family tonight. I equipped him with a studded leather armor and plan to give him orders tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rion Dungeon Hollow

Due to Eloise the Elementalist's fragile nature, only Maria the Fighter and Florence the Scout journeyed into Rion Dungeon Hollows tonight. It turned out that this team of two was able to survive better than the regular team of three. This is because the the weak point in terms of defense has been transferred to Florence who is able to evade the attacks. It was also easier for Florence to manage the health of 2 people instead of 3.