Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Adventures in Porto Bello Deck

Tonight, Suigintou (aka summoner Catherine) and Grace visited Porto Bello The Deck to gather experience cards for Soso. The plan went perfectly for awhile and 6 cards were collected. Suigintou's dolls would take care of most creatures while Grace's Bloody Overdrive was used whenever a crate full of lobsters was opened. Everything went downhill when a Merman Leader decided to appear. It knocked out Grace in 1 hit and Suigintou's dolls willingly sacrificed themselves to give time for Suigintou to escape. When Suigintou couldn't hear the pursuing footsteps of the Merman Leader, she turned back to rescue Grace lest she wakes up to a room full of hostile creatures. Fortunately, the Merman Leader turned out to be occupied with another family of pioneers.

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