Monday, April 14, 2008

Exploration of Joaquin Prison

Maria's entry:
Tonight's foray into Joaquin Prison was a disaster. We managed to sneak our way past the first few rooms and through many twists and turns. However, Dragon Head surprised us from around a corner and we were barely able to flee. Taking another path, we managed to spot Dragon Head before it spotted us and was successful in sneaking by it. A few minutes later, we saw another pioneer run by us in terror and we knew that trouble would soon follow behind.

A few seconds later, Dragon Head appeared in pursuit of the fleeing pioneer. They disappeared down the corridor but we guessed that he must have caught his victim as he reappeared quickly and chased us up the corridor from which we came. We ran but Eloise tripped on her long skirt. Florence ran back to help her and hence, Dragon Head managed to capture them both.

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