Monday, April 7, 2008

Gigante Island

Gigante Island, originally uploaded by Oranda.

Maria, Florence, and Eloise decided to take an idyllic vacation at Gigante Island. It was a needed break from spending time in the dark and damp Prison de Joaquin. After paying 20,000 vis for a boat ticket, the trio made their way to the island. It was a quiet place with only the staff in sight. There was a girl named Soso standing nearby and after a brief fight in which Soso was surprising weak, we invited her to join the family. She accepted and was sent away to the mainload to be tutored by other family members.

Meanwhile, the trio made their way to the north part of the island and found many people playing with the wildlife at the beach. It looked fun but the staff was charging a steep price of 20,000 vis per activity. As our family is relatively poor, we passed on the activity and just relaxed with the locals.

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