Monday, April 7, 2008

Soso at Tetra Ruins

Soso at Tetra Ruins, originally uploaded by Oranda.

Soso arrived at the mainland and started at Reboldeaux. After exploring the surroundings abit, she made her way alone to Al Quelt Moreza. Confident of her abilities from surviving so well, Suigintou the summoner Catherine took Soso for a brief tour Porto Bello.

Soso's punches could not even crack the Paper stone boulders, much less the denizons that thrived at Porto Bello. As a result, all Soso could do was to sit back and watch as Suigintou's dolls took care of business. After awhile, it became apparent that it was too early for Soso to be here so Emilia visited and took Soso for a tour of the Tetra Ruins.

The Tetra Ruins was an exciting place for Soso. With fast Phobitans scurrying around and Soso's attack speed being only 34 (1 attack per 0.34 seconds), there was a flurry of action as Soso was able to per her Chapter of Ice martial arts abilities to good use.

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