Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tetra again

Emilia, Lisa, and Soso visited the Tetra dungeon again tonight. This time, Soso trained her Earth type martial arts skill. Only Siegmunds appeared in the various rooms of Tetra Catacombs and they were rapidly brought down by Lisa and Sosa like lions on a zebra. The fat blobs were also no match for the fighting duo and eventually, the trio made their way to the last room. Unfortunately, they was nothing exciting within the room and the treasure was glued to the floor.

In other news, Louise the Wizard and Alice (whose true name is Adelina) visited Porto Bello Deserted Quay in search of a fellow clan member who was looking for assistance. Traces of the clan member were found in the form of litter but unfortunately, the trail turned cold shortly after the Memorial Statue. Evidence implies that the clan member was eaten by the aggressive mobs of turtles roaming the beach.

Maria, Florence, and Eloise continued their misadventures within Joaquin Prison The Mohrgus. Their reports indicate that two more Gulag Furnaces were found along with a strange pillar enamating mysterious energy. Unfortuantely, the newly discovered Gulag Furnaces did not contain Joaquin diaries but supplies instead. Their search continues.

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