Monday, April 28, 2008

Viki & Alejandro

Yesterday night, the main team decided to revisit Pradera de Ceniza once again to hunt for the Mamund. Running past the first corner, we almost missed the purple dog that had it. After a short fight, half of Viki's quest was completed. The other half required an Enchanted Heart which can be obtained after finding 20 pieces of Strange items. For the Strange items, our family had all but 5 Strange clocks. Fortunately, someone was selling exactly 5 Strange clocks at a bargain price of 410,000 each at the market and we quickly snapped it up. Returning to the Mysterious Hut, there was a quick battle with a Hill Giant and we were left with the care of the sexually ambiguous Viki. It seems that no one can make up their minds on Viki's gender.

Suigintou (summoner Catherine) took Viki on a brief tour of Porto Bello. There, they accidentally found the last piece of Escudo Pecher's claw that is needed for Alejandro. One of the summoned dolls must have located him somewhere and finished him off in secret. The result of this quest was Alejandro's card.

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