Saturday, April 19, 2008

Viki's picnic

Tonight, Maria, Florence, and Eloise went on a picnic with Viki. Unfortunately they were interrupted by a sorceress who summoned a Treasure Golem. Attacking the sorceress first results in the Treasure Golem bending over and executing a deadly atomic attack. However, if the Treasure Golem was attacked first, the battle becomes very easy. In fact, Viki's grandfather summons an Ararat which defeated the Treasure Golem for us. The Ararat needed repairs after the battle though so our family volunteered to collect the ingredients.

Soso, Gracielo, and Lisa started from Reb city to collect the ingredients. On the way to the gate, a bull ran away from Panfilo and Gracielo volunteered to stop it. He defeated the bull in one kick which earned him praise from the female townsfolk.

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