Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who's actually going to stop?

Last night, while Maria and her team were off on their misadventures in Joaquin Prison, Emilia lead Soso and Lisa deeper into Tetra Dungeon. It was actually an easy fight with two agile melee fighters. Even as the demons swarmed around the team, Soso would hold back one side while Lisa held back the other. The only obstacles were flying creatures and Castor. The fights against Castor always lasted for awhile as his special attacks usually knocked someone out. If a flying creature took notice, it was shaken off by running through the twisty hallways and ducking amongst the crowd.

While fighting a crowd of fat blobs in a room, Emilia noticed a rowdy group of boys had entered the room. They had a red mark above their heads and was easily identified as being Baron level 1. Being the shy girl she is, Emilia attempted to sneak past the group and managed to exit the room before Soso kicked one of the fat ones in the face, causing it to yelp. With their cover blown, Emilia ran down the hallway, hiding amongst the crowd. One of the rowdy boys yelled out that they were "safe" and another yelled "don't run", but that just sounded like a mugger (or worst) trying to lure a potential victim down a dark alley.

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