Friday, May 30, 2008


Last night, Maria (our Fighter) became the first family member to reach Veteran status. With the promotion, she placed her stat point into strength and chose the Sidewinder veteran stance. It's quite a useful great sword stance, able to hit multiple targets and has two area of effect attacks. Next to reach Veteran status should be Eloise and Florence sometime today.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Notes on materials

The primary team is still in Topolo so there's nothing new to report. Therefore, I thought I'd jot down some of the various materials I've encountered.

  • Outlaw's Cigar - Dropped in Topolo Durga. Used to make level 84 Elite Claude Baldez Nique (a pistol)
  • Hilt of Ancient Rapier - Dropped in Skull Dungeon. Used to make level 84 rapier?
  • Mega Aidanium, Mega Ionium, Mega Etretanium - Dropped in Topolo Durga. I think they're used for veteran stance books.
  • Pure Aidanium, Pure Ionium, Pure Etretanium, Pure Talt, Pure Quartz - Dropped in Topolo Durga. Some are needed for level 84 recipes.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Solo in Topolo

Inspired by other Fighter taking on Topolo by themselves, Maria decided to face the creatures there with only her trusty rapier. Surprisingly, it worked well and Maria was able to survive without difficulty. The only drawback is the use of healing potions that that the creatures can only be taken upon two at a time.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Maria, Florence, and Eloise was wandering around the map one day when they came across Topolo. Even though the levels of the mobs there were high, they were surprisingly weak both in offense and defense. This meant that it was a relatively good place to train. That they drop Mega materials is also an extra incentive to stay there.

Maria also took Viki and Iris (the Musketeer) to the Sacred Dungeon for independent training last night. Over the course of the night, over 27000 pistol bullets were used. It's unfortunate that one can only hold about 30000 bullets and that entry to the dungeon is limited. Otherwise, they could have stayed there longer.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Modeling Maria's new Bone Armor. Unfortunately, it's just level 88 so it's only good for show at the moment.
The fight with Romina.


Last night, the primary team explored the rest of Skull Dungeon and managed to obtain the Bone Sticks and Bone Pieces to make a Bone Armor. After getting enough Bone Sarinas for the skull on the 2nd floor, Montaro appeared and Romina fought him. It was going poorly for Romina but Grenmah showed up and we managed to easily defeat him. On the third floor was a crystal skull that required a key but since we didn't have it, we left Skull Dungeon for other areas.

That other area was Ustier Zone 4. By defeating a giant ice based dinosaur at the end of zone 3, we were able to access zone 4. There, we obtained a skull that impressed Romina into having a duel with us. It was an interesting and drawn out duel as we were evenly matched. Maria, with her Sabre stance was knocking Romina around the dock while Romina's special skills did the same with Maria. It was very fortunate that the Sabre stance provides a high level of evasion as it allowed Maria to parry most of Romina's attacks. Eventually, with seconds to spare, Romina was defeated and joined our family.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Skull Dungeon Floor 2

Tonight, I figured out a way for the primary team to survive better in Skull Dungeon Floor 2. Instead of having Eloise use the Elemental Lord or the Lightning stances (Possession and Evocation), I had her use the Fire Possession stance. I had forgotten how useful Fireball was in dealing with hordes of quick moving enemies. Even though it takes 4 or 5 hits to completely defeat a skeleton, up them 5 of them are knocked off their feet each time. This gives Maria and Florence some breathing room.

It's not a foolproof method though. Occasionally a set of skeleton sharpshooters would appear and they inevitably aim for Eloise.

Skull Dungeon 2

Forming a squad with a fellow clan family, our primary team was able to collect the 100 bone sarinas required by the crystal skull at the end of the first floor of Skull Dungeon. We made our way to the crystal skull located at the end of the second floor and started our quest to collect another 150 bone sarinas. We know that there's a third floor but we wonder if there is a fourth.

Eloise had been using the Lord of Elements stance lately and have recently reached the maximum level of that stance. Unfortunately, our family only as a level 84 Lord of Elements bracelet which is ineffective against the skeletons found in Skull Dungeon. There doesn't appear to be a higher level bracelet for that stance so we're forced to switch back to one of the elemental stances.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Colony War

Since colony ownership was reset this weekend, our clan had a chance to briefly occupy a colony before it was overtaken by TheOne. By the end of the war, it's as if nothing had changed.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Skull Dungeon

Attempted Skull Dungeon 1st Floor tonight. It was survivable with a squad but by yourselves, we were quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of skeletons that could do knockdowns.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

War with R.I.P

Now that our clan has chosen a faction, we can finally attack and be attacked by the only clan that we are at war with, the R.I.P clan. While wandering through Ustier Zona Uno, we spied a R.I.P clan member and notified our clan leader about it. As a result, our clan leader hunted them down and informed us that triplace has been defeated. In a separate instance, we were being mobbed creatures at El Canon de Diabolica and spied another R.I.P clan member at a distance. Unfortunately, we were heavily occupied and thus unable to get a message out to our clan. Fortunately, we were able to escape safely as we noticed them before they noticed us and thus was able to enable countermeasures.

Inventory management

Tonight, we finally collected enough Dragon Teeth and Dragon Skin to make a Dragon Coat. It's a level 88 coat that no one in our family is qualified to use at the moment so it'll be staying in the warehouse for awhile.

We also brought 31 High Quality Clothes at 25k each and an Emerald for 250k. Those were the final missing ingredients needed for us to make a level 52 Elite Robe of Muspell. We enchanted to Elite Robe with evasion and ice resistance and had our Karjalain wear it.

Maria has finally passed along her Idge gloves and boots to Claude and is now wearing leather equipment more appropriate for her level.

Monday, May 5, 2008


I'll keep tonight's entry short and sweet.
  • Main team is still in Ustier, specifically Ustier Zona Uno and hunting for Dragon Teeth.
  • Claude and Brunie has been adopted into the family.
  • Our clan has joined the Royalist faction.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


T-rex at the end of Ustier Zona Dos
Gerero attempts to invade Port Coimbra but is stopped by hordes of people.

Joaquin Prison Gehenna Bridge - At the end of the line.

Ustier Zona Uno - Love the ambience created by the light filtering from the trees.

Arriving at Ustier Base.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hunt and a day at the beach

Last night was mixed. It started out with a hunt for a pker who was bothering a member of our clan. We found the family but they managed to log off before we got to them. For awhile, the main team explored El Canon de Diabolica in hopes of finding high quality clothes. Instead, we found Treasure Golem cores.

To cap off the night, Eloise took Viki to Gigante Beach for some experience. Who knows what they were up to there but Viki did manage to gain a whole bunch of life experience.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Elite weapons

During the fight with the T-Rex, it became painfully obvious that our weapons are underpowered against the creatures it was used against. We counted our blessings for finding a level 84 Elite Great Sword at the market for a relatively inexpensive price of 2 million vis. Although purchasing it completely wiped out the family coffers, the sword validated its worth by being the only thing that consistently hit the T-Rex during the fight.

The next goal is to find or purchase Elite bracelets for Eloise and perhaps a pistol.


Last night, the main team defeated a Tyrannosaurus located just beyond the exit gate of Zone Dos. It took 3 tries as the T-rex was flanked by deadly Raptors. The trick to defeating the T-Rex was to run past it and allow the dinosaurs to follow you. As the Raptors are slower than the T-Rex, they will fall behind and eventually give up. Alone, the T-Rex was pretty easy.