Thursday, May 29, 2008

Notes on materials

The primary team is still in Topolo so there's nothing new to report. Therefore, I thought I'd jot down some of the various materials I've encountered.

  • Outlaw's Cigar - Dropped in Topolo Durga. Used to make level 84 Elite Claude Baldez Nique (a pistol)
  • Hilt of Ancient Rapier - Dropped in Skull Dungeon. Used to make level 84 rapier?
  • Mega Aidanium, Mega Ionium, Mega Etretanium - Dropped in Topolo Durga. I think they're used for veteran stance books.
  • Pure Aidanium, Pure Ionium, Pure Etretanium, Pure Talt, Pure Quartz - Dropped in Topolo Durga. Some are needed for level 84 recipes.

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