Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Last night, the primary team explored the rest of Skull Dungeon and managed to obtain the Bone Sticks and Bone Pieces to make a Bone Armor. After getting enough Bone Sarinas for the skull on the 2nd floor, Montaro appeared and Romina fought him. It was going poorly for Romina but Grenmah showed up and we managed to easily defeat him. On the third floor was a crystal skull that required a key but since we didn't have it, we left Skull Dungeon for other areas.

That other area was Ustier Zone 4. By defeating a giant ice based dinosaur at the end of zone 3, we were able to access zone 4. There, we obtained a skull that impressed Romina into having a duel with us. It was an interesting and drawn out duel as we were evenly matched. Maria, with her Sabre stance was knocking Romina around the dock while Romina's special skills did the same with Maria. It was very fortunate that the Sabre stance provides a high level of evasion as it allowed Maria to parry most of Romina's attacks. Eventually, with seconds to spare, Romina was defeated and joined our family.

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