Thursday, June 19, 2008

New War

Yesterday night, our clan declared war on the BRASIL clan. The cause of the war was because a few of their members kept attacking a squad of our members in Fire Isle. As there is a 600,000 vis entrance fee to get to that part of Fire Isle, it annoys us greatly when our squad is attacked while minding their own business. Once the war started, we discovered that BRASIL was only a level 51 clan and did not have a faction. This meant that we normally cannot attack it until the 2 hour period of the colony war on Saturday. Not to be deterred, a few of our Veteran level players ganged up and went baron to kill any BRASIL clan member they encountered, and they've slaughtered quite a few at Gigante Beach. I'm waiting patiently for Saturday but I am highly tempted to also go baron and join the fun as it also provides free access to Los Toldos which would normally cost 250 gold.

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