Monday, July 28, 2008

News for today

Helped a fellow clan member Kilgour level at Rion Dungeon Hollows tonight. Louise (wizard), Vincent, and Florence (scout) participated and we managed to gain over 768k in vis. Of that, we spent 250k each on an Original Female Wizard Coat and a Original Male Wizard Coat in anticipation of future recipe use.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Tonight, our clan made truces with the RIP and Oni clans. We are no longer at war with any clans.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Old Port of Coimbra

Old Port of Coimbra is actually quite beautiful. It's sunset with mountain views and still reflective water. You can even go up the tower for wide view of the map.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thinking of Veteran Polishers

Our family currently has 24 Veteran polishers. I think we obtained them because we completed the baron UPC quest for Eduardo. In any case, this works out to a maximum of 4 Veteran ancestral/pioneer armors, 6 Veteran ancestral/pioneer weapons, or some combination in between. To obtain the equipment, 5 Mysterious Powders (currently priced at around 350,000) are also required for each piece and a level 100 enchantment chip (currently priced at around 4 million) should be used to give some enchantments.

I recall reading from the forums that the attack/defense rating of the ancestral/pioneer equipment is similar to the elite level 84 equipment. As we haven't turned in any polishers, we can't confirm it. The positive aspect of the ancestral/pioneer equipment is that it contains an inherent set of good enchantments that can be revealed via 1 level 100 enchantment chip. However, that set does not include increased AR/DR. The negative aspect includes needing 5 Mysterious Powders and the level 100 enchantment chip. The positive aspect of an elite level 84 equipment includes the lower cost of the level 84 enchantment chip plus the chance of obtaining an increased AR/DR of up to +3.

Taking account of the prices at the market, it is currently better to use the polishers on armor rather than weapons since elite 84 weapons are relatively inexpensive. There are some expensive elite 84 weapon types but they do not have an ancestral/pioneer counterpart. As such, we've tentatively set aside 6 polishers for metal armor since the cost an elite 84 plate mail still exceeds 24 million. This leaves 18 polishers of which another 6 may go towards a coat as it may be used by both the musketeer and the wizard. An additional 6 may go towards leather armor but that is not in any future plans, nor are any weapons.

Musketeer equipment

Now that our musketeer Iris is inching ever so slowly towards Veteran (Vincent's a lost cause), we've been thinking about how to outfit her. Currently, she has a level 80 ancestral/pioneer coat and a level 80 ancestral/pioneer pistol which should last till level 92. Beyond level 92, our family has a single elite 84 pistol with a high accuracy modifier along with an elite 84 rifle with decent enchantments. The elite 84 rifle was a lucky find at the market a few days for only about 1.8 million vis.

For armor, an elite 84 Striform seems to be highly desirable due to an inherent attack speed increase enchantment. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any for sale at the market. However, there were recipes for it being sold at prices ranging from 1 million to 4 million. The rare ingredients of the recipe includes a Sky Blue dye and 2 High Quality Sapphires. We have neither of those ingredients and none were sold at the market. According to the forums, the Sky Blue dye can be found in El Lago Celeste but information for the High Quality Sapphires were harder to come by. I guess in the worst case, we could spend 6 Veteran Polishers to create a Veteran level ancestral/pioneer coat.

Monday, July 21, 2008


There's really not much to talk about if it's just the usual grind. Vincent is apparently not going to make Veteran in time by the end of the month so there's no point in putting more resources into him.

Current market prices are:
Pure Otite: 650k
Mysterious Powder: 250k (approx)
Elite 92 Sword: 18.5 million, I think it's a bargain but I can't afford it.

To make an elite 92 weapon, you'll need:
  1. 30 Pure Otite - At current prices, it'll be 19.5 million.
  2. 1 unique weapon of a particular type - Saw one at the market for 1.2 million
  3. Recipe - Constant price of 1 million
  4. 200 Pure minerals - Probably between a half a million to a million.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scout's new outfit

Made a new costume for Florence this weekend. It's from one of the level 100 costume recipes sold by Andre.
It looked quite skimpy.
A closeup of Grace. The table on the left is for gambling enchantment chips.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Unity Clan

I have a very strong suspicion that I've been lied to yesterday. I shall have to put Seercull and Liv3ly on my hit list. Perhaps I'll have to hire the services of the 00F group.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Costume for logging on for 1 year anniversary

Musketeer version
Fighter version. That's an elementalist to the left wearing a bear suit and rat hat.
Scout version
Elementalist version

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Raids and the Rat Hat

Today, we've finally collected enough Supplies to exchange it for a Lucky Orpesian Hat (aka the infamous Rat Hat).
The Rat Hat looks sort of ratty.
We came at the wrong time for this raid boss.
But we did manage to get Geroro.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Flame Gate

Arriving at Flame Gate
First summoned boss
Third or fourth summoned boss (don't remember)
Creatures on one of the platforms
Creatures of another platform

Assessment of performance at Flame Gate

Last night, we journeyed into Flame Gate with a full squad (12 families total). Although we survived the initial areas fine (defeating at least 3 summoned bosses), the small floating platforms gave us trouble.

Assessment of our family's members during the raid:
  • Maria - She's able to survive fine against the normal creatures within Flame Gate while in the Defender stance. Issues appear when the bosses use special knockdown attacks, spells, or decide to focus their attention on her, at which point, lots of potions will need to be consumed. Improvements can be made with the armor category, especially regarding elemental resistance. Plate armor should be particularly useful.
  • Florence - Does what a healer should do. I'm considering making a team of just healers for this purpose. Improvements can also be made to elemental resistance such that she won't go down during the extremely wide area of effect spells. Have to buy more res potions too.
  • Eloise - With a maxed out Fire resistance of 75 while in the Ice stances, one would think that she would be perfectly suited for this map which the creatures attack with fire spells and have -100 Ice elemental resistance. Eloise was able to survive the wide AOE spells with only light wounds but the trouble comes when she attracts the attention of melee creatures. Once she uses her Ice skills (like Absolute Zero), she seems to attract the attention of the one she attacked and goes down in only 5 hits. Still, Eloise does work well against the flying creatures who exclusively attack with ranged spells. Would like improvements in the armor category but the defense provided by Robes only go so far.
How we can do better:
  • It would be a good idea if the families stuck together better. As long as the families were clumped in one or 2 groups, they were able to survive. The creatures on the platforms were able to separate us when we warped in such that each time we were defeated, it was apparent that we were all scattered along the edge of the platform like a ring while the creatures were in the center.
  • More members, perhaps forming a 2nd or even 3rd squad.
  • Better equipment, but equipments can always be better.

War with the Oni clan

Yesterday, while semi-AFK, our family was attacked by Xellion of the Oni clan on Gigante Beach. Romina managed to escape and tell the tale. As a result, Maria, Florence, and Eloise went on a hunt for Oni clan members. The first Oni clan member we found was Okazuki (spelling?) who was easy to defeat even though his members had wings. On the second pass, we found Xellion and easily took down his 3 kneeling musketeers. We found Okazuki a small distance away and took him down again. On our last pass, we took down a third Oni member but this one had a unmemorable name.

Later that night, we attempted to take on Flame Gate. While waiting, Xellion tried to attack us a few times. Being that there were at least 10 (12 later) of us prepared to face our toughest challenge and only 1 of him, he barely had time to set off a spell before being splattered along the wall.

I'll post photos up of our results of Flame Gate some other time.