Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Assessment of performance at Flame Gate

Last night, we journeyed into Flame Gate with a full squad (12 families total). Although we survived the initial areas fine (defeating at least 3 summoned bosses), the small floating platforms gave us trouble.

Assessment of our family's members during the raid:
  • Maria - She's able to survive fine against the normal creatures within Flame Gate while in the Defender stance. Issues appear when the bosses use special knockdown attacks, spells, or decide to focus their attention on her, at which point, lots of potions will need to be consumed. Improvements can be made with the armor category, especially regarding elemental resistance. Plate armor should be particularly useful.
  • Florence - Does what a healer should do. I'm considering making a team of just healers for this purpose. Improvements can also be made to elemental resistance such that she won't go down during the extremely wide area of effect spells. Have to buy more res potions too.
  • Eloise - With a maxed out Fire resistance of 75 while in the Ice stances, one would think that she would be perfectly suited for this map which the creatures attack with fire spells and have -100 Ice elemental resistance. Eloise was able to survive the wide AOE spells with only light wounds but the trouble comes when she attracts the attention of melee creatures. Once she uses her Ice skills (like Absolute Zero), she seems to attract the attention of the one she attacked and goes down in only 5 hits. Still, Eloise does work well against the flying creatures who exclusively attack with ranged spells. Would like improvements in the armor category but the defense provided by Robes only go so far.
How we can do better:
  • It would be a good idea if the families stuck together better. As long as the families were clumped in one or 2 groups, they were able to survive. The creatures on the platforms were able to separate us when we warped in such that each time we were defeated, it was apparent that we were all scattered along the edge of the platform like a ring while the creatures were in the center.
  • More members, perhaps forming a 2nd or even 3rd squad.
  • Better equipment, but equipments can always be better.

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