Friday, July 25, 2008

Musketeer equipment

Now that our musketeer Iris is inching ever so slowly towards Veteran (Vincent's a lost cause), we've been thinking about how to outfit her. Currently, she has a level 80 ancestral/pioneer coat and a level 80 ancestral/pioneer pistol which should last till level 92. Beyond level 92, our family has a single elite 84 pistol with a high accuracy modifier along with an elite 84 rifle with decent enchantments. The elite 84 rifle was a lucky find at the market a few days for only about 1.8 million vis.

For armor, an elite 84 Striform seems to be highly desirable due to an inherent attack speed increase enchantment. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any for sale at the market. However, there were recipes for it being sold at prices ranging from 1 million to 4 million. The rare ingredients of the recipe includes a Sky Blue dye and 2 High Quality Sapphires. We have neither of those ingredients and none were sold at the market. According to the forums, the Sky Blue dye can be found in El Lago Celeste but information for the High Quality Sapphires were harder to come by. I guess in the worst case, we could spend 6 Veteran Polishers to create a Veteran level ancestral/pioneer coat.

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