Friday, July 25, 2008

Thinking of Veteran Polishers

Our family currently has 24 Veteran polishers. I think we obtained them because we completed the baron UPC quest for Eduardo. In any case, this works out to a maximum of 4 Veteran ancestral/pioneer armors, 6 Veteran ancestral/pioneer weapons, or some combination in between. To obtain the equipment, 5 Mysterious Powders (currently priced at around 350,000) are also required for each piece and a level 100 enchantment chip (currently priced at around 4 million) should be used to give some enchantments.

I recall reading from the forums that the attack/defense rating of the ancestral/pioneer equipment is similar to the elite level 84 equipment. As we haven't turned in any polishers, we can't confirm it. The positive aspect of the ancestral/pioneer equipment is that it contains an inherent set of good enchantments that can be revealed via 1 level 100 enchantment chip. However, that set does not include increased AR/DR. The negative aspect includes needing 5 Mysterious Powders and the level 100 enchantment chip. The positive aspect of an elite level 84 equipment includes the lower cost of the level 84 enchantment chip plus the chance of obtaining an increased AR/DR of up to +3.

Taking account of the prices at the market, it is currently better to use the polishers on armor rather than weapons since elite 84 weapons are relatively inexpensive. There are some expensive elite 84 weapon types but they do not have an ancestral/pioneer counterpart. As such, we've tentatively set aside 6 polishers for metal armor since the cost an elite 84 plate mail still exceeds 24 million. This leaves 18 polishers of which another 6 may go towards a coat as it may be used by both the musketeer and the wizard. An additional 6 may go towards leather armor but that is not in any future plans, nor are any weapons.

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