Tuesday, July 8, 2008

War with the Oni clan

Yesterday, while semi-AFK, our family was attacked by Xellion of the Oni clan on Gigante Beach. Romina managed to escape and tell the tale. As a result, Maria, Florence, and Eloise went on a hunt for Oni clan members. The first Oni clan member we found was Okazuki (spelling?) who was easy to defeat even though his members had wings. On the second pass, we found Xellion and easily took down his 3 kneeling musketeers. We found Okazuki a small distance away and took him down again. On our last pass, we took down a third Oni member but this one had a unmemorable name.

Later that night, we attempted to take on Flame Gate. While waiting, Xellion tried to attack us a few times. Being that there were at least 10 (12 later) of us prepared to face our toughest challenge and only 1 of him, he barely had time to set off a spell before being splattered along the wall.

I'll post photos up of our results of Flame Gate some other time.

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