Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Burnt out

After defeating 100,000s of mobs in Topolo alone as evidenced by the ambers, I'm burnt out and shall be taking a break.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Poison Yard

Tonight we defeated Geroro in the Poison Yard and I received a Hero's Seal. Now to find out what it's supposed to do.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Domination Fire

I decided to give Eloise the veteran stance Domination Fire tonight. It required a Book of Magic along with 50 Mega Ionium. We've had the ingredients for a few months now but haven't bothered to get it because the Possession and Evocation stances were working so well. However, if we're going to participate in boss fights in the future, it would be helpful to have the elemental protection that a skill in the Domiantion stance provide along with skills that do a great deal of damage. It's unfortunate that each skill requires a few elemental orbs to cast and the attack speed is so slow. Fortunately at least for Domination Fire, each attack can hit up to 3 enemies at once.

Next to get are Domination Lightning and eventually Domination Ice.

Helping someone reduce their level

Tonight was the first time I was asked to help someone reduce their level from level 100 back to level 99. A family named machisimov wanted his Grace to be under the level limit for the Battle Colosseum Had to use a couple of elemental orbs to do it too as regular skills were taking too long. This makes me curious as to what the Colosseum contains but I don't have have characters under the level limit that can survive for long there.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Relaxing on Gigante Beach some more

It's a pretty place with wide beaches and not much of a crowd. Quite easy to find a secluded place to hunt crabs.
Louise is here to serve while Suigintou is playing with the sand.
Synchronized exercises at the beach.
Oh? What's happening here?

Saturday, August 9, 2008


It looked like we're going on a hunt or something.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Outing at Gigante Beach

Today, the family took a well deserved vacation at Gigante Beach. First visit was to the pool. It's a pretty quiet spot with only a few people hunting fish with high powered rifles.
Afterwards, it's time to visit the beach. It was a peaceful with no one in sight.
Attempting to get a tan. The oil worked well in making everyone's skin shiny.
Time to wash off the sand.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Level 84 Elite Plate Mail armor

There seems to be a glut of level 84 elite plate mail armor for sale at the market tonight. Seizing this rare opportunity, we sold a portion of our warehouse equipment, gathered all our vis, and barely managed to afford the cheapest level 84 elite plate mail armor at a bargain price of only 19 million vis. The stats on the armor is pretty horrible as it was only a small amount of ice resistance but I have enchantment chips that I can use on it later.

The reason I thought this item was cheap was because it required 2 high quality rubies as part of its ingredients to make. The cheapest I've seen those rubies go for was 7.5 million vis and they're usually sold above 8 million vis. The last time I saw a level 84 elite plate mail recipe was only two weeks ago and it was selling for 12 million vis. Of course, there were also other ingredients required for the recipe but I think they should cost about 1 million vis. So in summary, just the high quality rubies and ingredients would have costed 16 million vis by itself and then there's the cost of the recipe which I've never seen drop below 5 million for any elite 84 armor. Just two months ago, a level 84 elite plate mail armor was going for mid 30 million to mid 50 million vis and they were quite rare at the market.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Ugh, X-Trap, how you annoy me...

Yesterday, when I started the game after the weekly update, X-Trap complained of something and indicated that it had move a file to quarantine. However, it doesn't tell me what file it moved and where quarantine was. In any case, the display became unresponsive so I was unable to select any of the options. It turns out that the file must be one of the files related to the display driver as I was unable to start up any other 3D games.

After a complete reinstall of the nVidia graphics driver, I managed to log into the game again but did not have time to play.