Sunday, August 3, 2008

Level 84 Elite Plate Mail armor

There seems to be a glut of level 84 elite plate mail armor for sale at the market tonight. Seizing this rare opportunity, we sold a portion of our warehouse equipment, gathered all our vis, and barely managed to afford the cheapest level 84 elite plate mail armor at a bargain price of only 19 million vis. The stats on the armor is pretty horrible as it was only a small amount of ice resistance but I have enchantment chips that I can use on it later.

The reason I thought this item was cheap was because it required 2 high quality rubies as part of its ingredients to make. The cheapest I've seen those rubies go for was 7.5 million vis and they're usually sold above 8 million vis. The last time I saw a level 84 elite plate mail recipe was only two weeks ago and it was selling for 12 million vis. Of course, there were also other ingredients required for the recipe but I think they should cost about 1 million vis. So in summary, just the high quality rubies and ingredients would have costed 16 million vis by itself and then there's the cost of the recipe which I've never seen drop below 5 million for any elite 84 armor. Just two months ago, a level 84 elite plate mail armor was going for mid 30 million to mid 50 million vis and they were quite rare at the market.

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