Monday, September 29, 2008

Screaming of Spirits

This weekend, we finally completed the Screaming of Spirits portion of the quest line. This meant waiting till 4PM EST in front of one of the overturned boxes for the larger than usual creature to jump out. There were other families there hunting for them but fortunately, we only needed to kill 1 for the quest item. After this quest, there was an exchange of letters between cities and we eventually ended up at Bahamar.

At Bahamar, we had to hunt for 6 Pioneering Seals level 9. Unfortunately, only Maria (our fighter) was able to survive in the swamp but she was successfully in single handedly defeating hundreds of spiders to obtain the 6 seals. It's amazing how well the Defender stance works.

The next part of the quest is to defeat the Swamp Angler but from our research, it will be difficult even with a squad. I guess that'll stay on hold for awhile.

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