Friday, October 31, 2008

Glitch in the world

Tonight, we managed to hunt down some of those infamous red error boxes. This box was so close that we actually reached up and touched it. I think a tree used to be there.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Giant shotguns

I haven't really taken a good look at Grace's shotgun until recently and am surprised at how large it is. One wonder how the recoil doesn't knock her off her feet. This particular shotgun (level 80 ancestral/pioneer) works particularily well against the hordes of mobs in El Canon de Diabolica. Combined with the wizard's levitation stance attack, the creature that stands a chance against us is the Violent Ghost Baron.

Elite Albaes (level 84)

Yesterday night, Louise reached level 84 along and managed to fit into her new Elite Albaes dress. It's bright green and has a nice shimmer.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Character Status

Current status of family members as of today. Base family level at 17.

Quarter 1:
Alice : Level 48 Adelina Esperanza - May want to level for her quick dual sabre attacks.
Eloise : Veteran Elementalist - Still need to master Domination Fire and to learn Domination Ice & Lightning.
Jack : Level 40 - He doesn't see much action.
Eduardo : Level 61 - Haven't seen much action lately.
Lisa : Level 48 - May want to level for her quick dagger attacks.
Maria : Veteran Fighter - Still need to master Defender.
Florence : Veteran Scout - Healer for the upper levels

Quarter 2:
: Level 49 - May level for her crafting skills
Louise : Level 83 Wizard - Massive normal area damage. Works well with shotgun Grace.
Gracielo : Level 50 - Just for fun
Emilia : Level 52 - Healer for the lower levels
Iris : Level 95 Musketeer - So close to level 96. Still needs better equipment.
Grace : Level 83 - Massive normal area damage. Works well with levitated wizard.
Soso : Level 51 - Just for fun. May level for her quickness
Suigintou : Level 61 Summoner Catherine - Expensive to use so she hasn't seen much action lately.
Andre : Level 63 - May level for his crafting skills

Quarter 3:
: Level 47 - May level for her quickness
Claude : Level 57 - May level for his crafting skills and strength.
Romina : Level 89 - May complete leveling for rescue operations.
Lorch : Level 52 - Doesn't see much action
Viki : Level 68 - Healer for the mid levels.
Karjalain : Level 57 - Just for fun
M'Boma : Level 45 - Doesn't see much action
Vincent : Level 84 - His musical skills might come in handy.... somday.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Testis Book

This weekend, we finally obtained Viki's Testis Book. It was a major pain. We started Saturday with about 126 Mega Aids and managed to buy the rest at the market for between 60k to 69k each. Afterwards, we had had to hunt for 200 Bulks of Gold. Fortunately, we had enough Golden Fruits. Just when we thought it was over, there was a part 2.

Part 2 involved 200 Bulks of Coal, 200 Bulks of Silver, 50 Philosopher's Stones, and 60 Mega Erets. It was a pain but we managed to finish this quest at last.