Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Interchange Lobby 4

We had some intense times at the Interchange Lobby 4 missions last night. On the first instance, the bosses swarmed us from the north side and managed to destroy our base. The lesson from that was to destroy the boss bases quickly before they got to our base. Taking the lesson to heart, we completed the mission successfully on the second instance. The third instance was interesting as we did destroy the bases and it seemed that we were going to success but bosses kept coming. Soon we were swamped with bosses in the northern hallway and Provoke was what we 3 Fighters could do to keep them from heading towards our base (all our other family members were down). As all we had to do was to wait for the timer to run out, we managed to succeed in that mission too.

Memorable drops were a recipe for an Elite level 84 great sword (useless as the ingredients cost more than the weapon itself), bunch of Mega Talts, and a level 96 enchantment chip.

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