Monday, November 17, 2008

Katovic quests

Finished a portion of the Katovic quests, up to the point where we collect rare ingredients to make some sort of soup. Apparently, those Golden Apples, Beets, and Cabbages are pretty rare. Most of the quest goals were completed by Maria alone, while in Defender stance as she was able to consistenly survive, concentrate on a single creature type, and ignore the rest. The above picture shows Ryrin Heart located in the Frozen Waste.
Our wizard Louise was also able to survive so long as she was in Levitation stance and has SP refill potions. Unfortunately, there are some ground based creatures with antlers that were able to hit her so she wasn't able to make it through the entire questline. We also tested a team with Iris (musketeer), Florence, and Grace. This high damage gun toting team was able to survive so long as there are less than 5 creatures attacking. Any more than that and Florence's Heals will be unable to keep up. I think I'll try using this combination to look for the soup ingredients.

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