Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lair of Jormongand

Tonight our clan ventured into the Lair of Jormongand. We had 17 families participating but the first boss, Reydeavaricia, was very tough. It was pretty easy to get his health down to half and even down to a quarter. However, at that point, he seems to switch tactics and fire off bright green balls of slime that kill people in 1 hit. It also had a strong knockback for the target usually fllies back and hits the wall. This made Florence's job pretty easy as she just needed to run circles around the room and ressurect the bodies flying her way. Those green balls did hit her quite a few times too. About 200 ressurection potions was used in this venture.

Louise's initial job as the wizard was to cast Dispel whenever the boss casts Protection on himself. Even though the Dispel would get rid of his spell icon, the effect seems to still be there.

In other news, Iris, our musketeer, has reached Veteran status and have learned the Sight Shot and Outrage stances. She will most likely be the last family member to reach Veteran status as we have exhausted our supply of Veteran scrolls and Gold. With this, we have all 5 of the stock characters in Veteran status plus Grace, who is a great leveler.

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