Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Continuing with the story....

We had Grace, Romina, and our wizard Louise participate in the Joaquin Prison expedition. Those creatures were endless and Romina along with the rest of the expedition didn't fare so well. With just Grace and Louise and a whole bunch of Healing potions, we managed to take down the center colony. It was quite a fitting role for Grace to join in this quest as she was part of the storyline.
The next part was finding Garcia Gygax at Feruccio's Wall. It was a difficult place and only Maria (fighter) made out out of a group that included Iris (musketeer), Florence (scout), and Louise (wizard). Apparently, the Reapers there could see past the Invisibility spell. However, it did help in covering territory in the search for Gygax

Garcia seems pretty weak and also quite submissive to Selvia, always following her around.
Apparently, Selvia gets annoyed when people follow her around.

We just had a hunt for 50 Ice Crystal, 50 Philosopher's Stones, and 10 Determinations (quest items) and it was pretty easy to gather them. The resulting fight with Montaro was sort of difficult though as he casts some sort of wide area spell that results in repeated physical damage (perhaps shrapnel?). In any case, he escaped at half health and now we have to visit Novia at the Fortress. That's a story for another day.

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