Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What to do with 70 Veteran Polishers?

That Bahamar Witch quest resulted in a influx of Veteran Polishers for us. No longer do we need to be miserly and hoarding them for that special day. We can probably create all the equipment that we need. Now the question becomes, what shall we create?

In terms of armor, it was said that Veteran Polisher armors have the same DR as level 84 Elite armors. However, the Veteran Polisher armors will lack certain inherent attributes such as an increase in attack speed (Elite Striform) and evasion (Elite Laranja) in addition to not having a chance for DR enchantments. At a cost of 6 polishers each, it didn't seem worth it at the time.

A fellow player helfires recommended that the polishers should be spent on weapons instead. Veteran Polisher weapons seem have 1 AR more than level 84 Elite weapons and 1 AR less than level 92 Elite weapons. As level 92 Elite weapons are extremely expensive (last checked at 50 million vis), these Veteran Polisher weapons make for cheap but great substitutes, especially when fighting against the environment.

So in terms of Veteran polisher weapons, we currently have a shotgun and a pistol. There is absolutely no need for a polearm nor a shield. One handed swords seem useless and at least for AR, certain level 100 weapons such as 2H swords and rods have become affordable. Bracelets are highly desirable though but which element is debatable.

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Ashardalon ☼ Starstorm said...

Vet pioneer weapons (AR29) are 3 AR (not 1 AR) higher than 84e (AR26).

Vet pioneer equipment are 1 AR/DR lower than the Lv.100 equivalent.

Lv.100 standard armor = DR 27
Vet pioneer armor = DR 26

Lv.100 standard elite weapon = AR 30
Vet pioneer weapon = AR 29

Lv.100 standards exclude serpent series, le noir, etc.