Friday, January 30, 2009


Tonight, we decided to explore Via Fluval, Abertal, and Deprimida Valley. There is a high bridge in Deprimida Valley that offers scenic views.
It almost looks like a grand canyon.
It has a bunch of unfriendly wildlife too.
The only people we saw in Via Fluval were members of Ceres and TheOne. There was even a baron member of Ceres but they didn't seem to be looking for a fight.

Apprentice system

Tonight, we had our very first Apprentice. The family requested it out of the blue and we weren't actually sure who was the Apprentice in the relationship until we discovered that our family wasn't gaining experience but reputation instead. After about an hour in Rion Hollows, our family gained about a dozen reputation points. It also turned out that their family wanted our family to be the Apprentice such that they could gain reputation points in a misguided attempt to raise their family level. We have about 24806 reputation points at the moment.

Our family reached level 20 last night. This means that we have a bonus of 20% more health and 10% more Attack.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mysterious weapon

While cleaning up for the night, we happen to notice a fighter with a giant pickaxe weapon. We've never seen such a large item and hence wonder what weapon it is.

Rosa Matrimonio & Pure White Robe

The above are different views of the Rosa Matrimonio costume. It is a quite an elegant outfit but modest outfit with a shimmering pink feather design.
The above are different views of the Pure White Robe. The design is similar to the robes of Pluto (red), Neptune (blue), and Uranus (yellow) but this is pure white in color. Quite bright when the environment has good lighting. With the plunging neckline, one wonders how the outfit manages to hold everything in place.

Elite Skullic Bracer

Tonight, we made a decision on which elite level 92 weapon to make with the Pure Otite we've accumulated. With the Mysterious Steel Piece that we've acquired recently, the choices have expanded to include a skullic bracer, a musical instrument, and a crossbow. As our elementalist Eloise was missing high level bracelets and we do not have a veteran Vincent nor Calyce, the choice was obvious. The included enchantment was an increased Attack damage of 21%. It could have been worst so we'll save our level 92 enchantment chips as future ingredients.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Diabolic Horn

We checked out inventory tongiht and noticed that we now have a Diabloic Horn. It is a back costume that lasts for 30 days and gives 1 AR, HP, SP, Fire damage, and bonus damage against daemons. No pictures of it yet as we'll save it for that special occasion when we are actually facing daemons.

Rion Hollows channel 1 was pretty empty tonight. We wandered around for 3 hours before seeing another soul and that family had just warped in.

Happy New Year!

Good fortunes to all!

I know I had good fortune just now. Although our overpriced Treasure Cores didn't sell this week (which isn't necessarily a bad thing as we were running dangerously low), I managed to snatch a Mysterious Steel Piece from the market at a bargain price of only 31 million vis. These normally go between 45 to 50 million and there have been broadcast advertisements for 50 million and we have been saving up for it. Now that we actually have it, we no longer need to sell. Now the question becomes: What to make?

Too bad I can't take a good picture of Soso to celebrate at the moment, have to wait a few days for that if I want to make a pic.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Rebodeaux Soldier

Tonight, we recruited a Rebodeaux Soldier into our family. Now our triplet of city officers is complete. In terms of points, the Rebodeaux Soldier has 1 less Agility than the Stock Fighter. They also only have the sword stances (Back Guard, High Guard, and Defender) and all three polearm stances (2 pre-Vet and Mighty Cruz).

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tonight's activities

More training with Idge, Emilia, and Adelina at Rion Hollows tonight. There seems to be more broadcasts than usual of people looking to purchase an Adelina The Pirate.

Yesterday's activities

It was a pretty ordinary night for our family yesterday. Our Karjalain trained abit in Skeleton Dungeon level 1 and we saw a family there that still owed us 8 level 84 enchantment chips from last May. It's a lost cause though as borrowers tend to forget their debt. Of note was that this family no longer seems to be in the Mirage clan anymore. After a few minutes wandering around in the dark, we left for brighter areas.

Our next area was Rion Hollows and we had Emilia, Idge, and Adelina (the Pirate) visit. Adelina's Heaven & Hell stance worked wonders there as even the bears were defeated in 1 attack round. It required Idge to smack them a few times while in the Roof Guard stance to bring down similar bears. I'm not sure if it was just luck be we had over 2 dozen equipment drops in just an hour and a half.

To pass the time, we chatted with a family who had recently joined TheBrotherHood clan. We knew this family from months ago but they've been mostly inactive until yesterday.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Year holiday gifts

We received 6 Lucifer Wings and 2 Veteran Scrolls today. This makes it a total of 7 Lucifer Wings and 3 Veteran Scrolls in our warehouse. Fortunately, we have no need to use these items yet.

Our Karjalain has reached level 90 and El Canon is no longer a suitable place as the creatures there are now brown instead of yellow. We're two thirds on the way to being able to afford the cheapest Mysterious Steel. Fortunately, we could have Vincent, Emilia, or Viki to train in El Canon if we need more Treasure Cores.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Current prices of chips on the market

In addition to the items listed in the previous post (which people advertise via broadcasts), enchantment chips are also items that have a good trading volume. As such, the most recent (as of a few minutes ago) prices of the following chips are as follows:
  • Level 84 - 450K to 500K
  • Level 92 - 1.5 million to 2.5 million
  • Level 100 - 5.3 million to 7.5 million

Enchantment chips at these levels seem to be popular along with those that are in the multiples of 20.

Snapshot of the economy

Checking the market tonight, these were the median prices of the items we've found.
  • Treasure Cores - 220K, ranging from 130k (our price) to about 300k (greedy person?). Just yesterday, I saw a batch of 1300 selling for only 40,000 but unfortunately, we didn't buy any.
  • Mysterious Powder - 740K, just a few entries with most at the 740K mark and one at 1.5 million.
  • Pure Otite - 1.2 million with a deviation of less than 50k.

For the moment, we think we might try to keep track of the prices of these items to see how they move. We've considered equipment but there are too many variables that affect their cost. We also don't know of any other items with a large volume of trade on the market.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Traded High Quality Clothes

Since we so rarely trade with other families, it's worth nothing when we do. Tonight, we gave away 24 High Quality Clothes to windcatcher and received a level 80 pair of boots in return (+5 DEF). We saw their Veterans wandering around El Canon and that was odd because it was overkill. It turned out that they were trying to hunt for High Quality Clothes there but it would have taken a long time if they did do it.

Yes, our family is back in El Canon. Selling these Treasure Cores are quite addictive as it's been our most profitable venture but our reserves are starting to run low.

We also tested out our Antique Pistol in the Katovic Snowfields today. It worked like a charm and before we knew it, we used up over 10,000 pistol bullets.

Day's activities

Since we were so close to rounding out the 30 Pure Otites, we sold just enough Treasure Cores from our reserve to complete it. Therefore, we now have enough to create one more elite 92 weapon if we so desired. We're still pondering on which one though and we only have spare Vindictive stones are the moment. Perhaps we'll wait for a Mysterious Steel.

Other activities of the day included converting enchanted equipment into enchantment chips and consolidating lower level enchantment chips into higher ones.

Something nice this weekend was that I had invites from 4 different clans. One was a drive-by invite in which the confirmation box suddenly appeared. Two were pleasant conversations with new people and the last one was from a former fellow clanmember. We're still pondering though as any organization we join, we plan to stay till the end.

More popular than I thought

Apparently, Treasure Cores were more popular than I initially thought as I continued to sell enough to afford up to 24 Pure Otites. Unfortunately, I am now tired of that map and our Karjalain is ready to train somewhere harder, like Skeleton Dungeon. I'm sure we'll revisit that map sometime in the future for other characters and if we need more funds.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day's Haul

Today, we managed to sell enough Treasure Cores to purchase 18 Pure Otites before people got wise to the idea of selling Treasure Cores, thus causing it's price to drop. This means that future Cores we gather shall go into the warehouse until the price rises again as we are in no hurry to sell more. The next baron elite weapon we are looking forward to is the Skullic Bracer but that requires a Mysterious Steel Piece which we can't afford yet.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Our first Elite level 92 pistol

For the past few days, we've been selling a part of our reserve of Treasure Cores for prices between 60k and 80k each. The funds from that went into buying Pure Otites at prices between 1.2 million and 1.27 million each. Before long, we collected 30 Pure Otite and used one of our 21 Otite Perfumes to visit Los Toldos. We converted our Harpoon into a Tetra spirit stone and used that stone as part of the recipe to create an Elite Level 92 Antique Pistol. It had a pretty good initial enchancements of increased attack and increased attack speed so we probably won't be rechipping it anytime soon.

While there, we also converted our Joaquin unique weapons into Vindictive stones in order to save inventory space.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Interesting conversation topic

Tonight, I had an interesting conversation with a fellow player that I met last August. At first, it was about the usual ingame stuff like maps, leveling, and clans. But the interesting part was when the topic somehow became ingame dating. I didn't even think it was possible, especially with this game where we are 3 characters. It peaked my curiousity so I probed further.

Apparently, this player had some bad experiences as all the date was interested in was fighting and PvP while the player wasn't. Unfortunately, server maintenance happened before I could figure what would be that player's ideal date in this world.

Last night's adventures in Rion Hollow

We had a mildly interesting night last night in Rion Hollow Dungeon. Most of the time was spent getting Idge from level 58 to level 60 such that she could activate the tempered armor quest mentioned in the previous post. However, when we were down to the last few percentage points, we noticed the red dots on our radar. Doing a quick scan of the small room we were in, there was an AFK family and 2 exits on either end. It wasn't long after we determined which hallway and started the escape that the cause of the red dots dashed out. We didn't look back to see what became of the AFK family.

After running down the hallway for awhile, we noticed that we weren't followed. However, the carnage was soon apparent as we came upon rooms littered with the bodies of Veterans (who should be invulnerable against this dungeon's creatures). There were a few more close encounters including a team containing at least 2 Jacks but it wasn't long before things became quiet again. The bright side was that once crowded and occupied rooms were not free for us to level our Idge to 60. After reaching level 60 and safely into 1% (in case she gets defeated), we ran around through the dungeon's rooms and hallways but couldn't find the red dots anymore.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Idge's Tempered Breastplate

Tonight, our Idge discovered that she could upgrade her old level 44 piece of work into a new level 64 metal armor. Unlike a normal level 64 metal armor, this one does not have the -10% attack speed penalty. Besides requiring the older piece of armor, Idge also needed 50 of each Pure mineral.

Friday, January 9, 2009

More new members to the family.

Tonight, we recruited more new members into the family. We received 10 Mysterious Boxes recently and on the very last box, out popped Adelina The Pirate. Adelina The Pirate is more agile (AGI) than current day Adelina but not quite as charming (CHA). But then, who needs charm with outfits like that.
Meanwhile at a nearby cafe, Lisa charmed a Coimbra Trooper to follow her everywhere.

The other 9 Mysterious Boxes contained a set of wings (+1 AR and some other stats), 2 7-day AA passes (1 from each box), 10 ring boxes (5 from each box), even more triump fillers, even more Otite Perfume, and 20 Level 80 Enchantment Chips (from 1 box). We've got to use these Otite Perfumes sometime as each one takes up one inventory slot.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New members in the family

Tonight, the authorities of the City of Auch notified us that they've caught the little brat Tiburon hiding in an alley. We took authority of him and had a female caseworker join us to look over him. If we manage to reform him, perhaps we'll dress him up and send him to school.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Farewell Emergence

That is what I would have liked to say but apparently, the clan was dissolved earlier today before I logged on. This is most likely due to the dwindling number of active players as it was dropping to the single digits. Still, I was happy to see it to the end this way rather than to leave unhappy. Note that the last leader was Hacksa as the previous leader ShadowNinja (whom Lincourt has ceded authority to) had left to another newly created clan that was headed by a former clanmember.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Now that we've fulfilled our goal of getting Andre to level 100 and crafting the level 100 costumes, we're not sure on what to do anymore. We've been pondering about:
  • Getting Karjalain to level 100 (currently 75) such that she can craft accessories like necklaces. However, those recipes are expensive and don't seem quite worth it. One good thing she would be good for is to craft the Dragon Heart but that looks out of reach. Even if that was crafted, crafting the recipes that require it is another matter.
  • Getting Idge to level 100 (currently 51-ish) such that she can craft armor. It's a long road and we already have all the armor we need so there's not much motivation here.
  • Adding new members to the family such as the Auch Infantry, Reb Soldier, and Coimbra Trooper. It might be fun to revisit the early level maps and dungeons again. Ramiro/Tiburon might be fun.
  • Visiting Katovic Snowfields for soup ingredients and possible level 92 elite armor recipe. It's going to be a grind.
  • Visiting Via with Veterans. It's another grind.
  • Training up our Veterans' stances such as Defender, Incantation, and the 3 Domination stances. Mighty Cruz is an option too. This means grinding in Skeleton Dungeon which is getting sickening.
  • Using the 15 Otite Perfumes we have to go farming for Pure Otite in the Land of the Dead. We might do this one day per week in order to get enough for 1 or 2 Pistols. We already have a bunch of Pure Otite sitting in our warehouse gathering dust but not quite enough for a weapon.
I guess a major factor in our lack of motivation is that the active players in our clan is moving on. This means that there's nothing to work for as there isn't enough manpower within the clan for clan level activities.

There is one last activity that we've always wanted to do and perhaps now would be a good time to do it. That would be to model the various costumes we have in various settings and take pictures of it. Perhaps we'll try this sometime.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Estimate of premium players

Recently, there was a thread on the forums asking premium players on the week of Christmas to give their names. As there were 460 responses before the thread was locked, I'm guessing that there's not much more than that across all 3 servers (maybe double that number at most). That's actually on the low side from what I've previously guessed.