Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day's activities

Since we were so close to rounding out the 30 Pure Otites, we sold just enough Treasure Cores from our reserve to complete it. Therefore, we now have enough to create one more elite 92 weapon if we so desired. We're still pondering on which one though and we only have spare Vindictive stones are the moment. Perhaps we'll wait for a Mysterious Steel.

Other activities of the day included converting enchanted equipment into enchantment chips and consolidating lower level enchantment chips into higher ones.

Something nice this weekend was that I had invites from 4 different clans. One was a drive-by invite in which the confirmation box suddenly appeared. Two were pleasant conversations with new people and the last one was from a former fellow clanmember. We're still pondering though as any organization we join, we plan to stay till the end.

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