Monday, January 5, 2009

Farewell Emergence

That is what I would have liked to say but apparently, the clan was dissolved earlier today before I logged on. This is most likely due to the dwindling number of active players as it was dropping to the single digits. Still, I was happy to see it to the end this way rather than to leave unhappy. Note that the last leader was Hacksa as the previous leader ShadowNinja (whom Lincourt has ceded authority to) had left to another newly created clan that was headed by a former clanmember.

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daiju said...

Lincourt logged on the game early that day and she took the decition. There is a slight chance "Emergence" will revive the day she is able to come back to play but that won't be soon at least. This was also mainly done so the remaining member in Emergence would have not the need to stall and they could move on and find their way in the "New World", see it with their own eyes outside the clan.

Good luck and thanks for stickin to the clan till' the end Kenmar.