Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Last night's adventures in Rion Hollow

We had a mildly interesting night last night in Rion Hollow Dungeon. Most of the time was spent getting Idge from level 58 to level 60 such that she could activate the tempered armor quest mentioned in the previous post. However, when we were down to the last few percentage points, we noticed the red dots on our radar. Doing a quick scan of the small room we were in, there was an AFK family and 2 exits on either end. It wasn't long after we determined which hallway and started the escape that the cause of the red dots dashed out. We didn't look back to see what became of the AFK family.

After running down the hallway for awhile, we noticed that we weren't followed. However, the carnage was soon apparent as we came upon rooms littered with the bodies of Veterans (who should be invulnerable against this dungeon's creatures). There were a few more close encounters including a team containing at least 2 Jacks but it wasn't long before things became quiet again. The bright side was that once crowded and occupied rooms were not free for us to level our Idge to 60. After reaching level 60 and safely into 1% (in case she gets defeated), we ran around through the dungeon's rooms and hallways but couldn't find the red dots anymore.

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