Friday, January 9, 2009

More new members to the family.

Tonight, we recruited more new members into the family. We received 10 Mysterious Boxes recently and on the very last box, out popped Adelina The Pirate. Adelina The Pirate is more agile (AGI) than current day Adelina but not quite as charming (CHA). But then, who needs charm with outfits like that.
Meanwhile at a nearby cafe, Lisa charmed a Coimbra Trooper to follow her everywhere.

The other 9 Mysterious Boxes contained a set of wings (+1 AR and some other stats), 2 7-day AA passes (1 from each box), 10 ring boxes (5 from each box), even more triump fillers, even more Otite Perfume, and 20 Level 80 Enchantment Chips (from 1 box). We've got to use these Otite Perfumes sometime as each one takes up one inventory slot.

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