Sunday, January 4, 2009


Now that we've fulfilled our goal of getting Andre to level 100 and crafting the level 100 costumes, we're not sure on what to do anymore. We've been pondering about:
  • Getting Karjalain to level 100 (currently 75) such that she can craft accessories like necklaces. However, those recipes are expensive and don't seem quite worth it. One good thing she would be good for is to craft the Dragon Heart but that looks out of reach. Even if that was crafted, crafting the recipes that require it is another matter.
  • Getting Idge to level 100 (currently 51-ish) such that she can craft armor. It's a long road and we already have all the armor we need so there's not much motivation here.
  • Adding new members to the family such as the Auch Infantry, Reb Soldier, and Coimbra Trooper. It might be fun to revisit the early level maps and dungeons again. Ramiro/Tiburon might be fun.
  • Visiting Katovic Snowfields for soup ingredients and possible level 92 elite armor recipe. It's going to be a grind.
  • Visiting Via with Veterans. It's another grind.
  • Training up our Veterans' stances such as Defender, Incantation, and the 3 Domination stances. Mighty Cruz is an option too. This means grinding in Skeleton Dungeon which is getting sickening.
  • Using the 15 Otite Perfumes we have to go farming for Pure Otite in the Land of the Dead. We might do this one day per week in order to get enough for 1 or 2 Pistols. We already have a bunch of Pure Otite sitting in our warehouse gathering dust but not quite enough for a weapon.
I guess a major factor in our lack of motivation is that the active players in our clan is moving on. This means that there's nothing to work for as there isn't enough manpower within the clan for clan level activities.

There is one last activity that we've always wanted to do and perhaps now would be a good time to do it. That would be to model the various costumes we have in various settings and take pictures of it. Perhaps we'll try this sometime.

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