Sunday, January 18, 2009

Traded High Quality Clothes

Since we so rarely trade with other families, it's worth nothing when we do. Tonight, we gave away 24 High Quality Clothes to windcatcher and received a level 80 pair of boots in return (+5 DEF). We saw their Veterans wandering around El Canon and that was odd because it was overkill. It turned out that they were trying to hunt for High Quality Clothes there but it would have taken a long time if they did do it.

Yes, our family is back in El Canon. Selling these Treasure Cores are quite addictive as it's been our most profitable venture but our reserves are starting to run low.

We also tested out our Antique Pistol in the Katovic Snowfields today. It worked like a charm and before we knew it, we used up over 10,000 pistol bullets.

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