Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yesterday's activities

It was a pretty ordinary night for our family yesterday. Our Karjalain trained abit in Skeleton Dungeon level 1 and we saw a family there that still owed us 8 level 84 enchantment chips from last May. It's a lost cause though as borrowers tend to forget their debt. Of note was that this family no longer seems to be in the Mirage clan anymore. After a few minutes wandering around in the dark, we left for brighter areas.

Our next area was Rion Hollows and we had Emilia, Idge, and Adelina (the Pirate) visit. Adelina's Heaven & Hell stance worked wonders there as even the bears were defeated in 1 attack round. It required Idge to smack them a few times while in the Roof Guard stance to bring down similar bears. I'm not sure if it was just luck be we had over 2 dozen equipment drops in just an hour and a half.

To pass the time, we chatted with a family who had recently joined TheBrotherHood clan. We knew this family from months ago but they've been mostly inactive until yesterday.

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