Saturday, February 28, 2009


Remembering that our family once had portraits of themselves, we visited Another Lonely Soul only to find that they have moved to the SotNW DB. As such, we signed up for an account there and have started to browse their offerings.

Friday, February 27, 2009

State of the economy

Noticing the sudden jump in prices for Pure Otite, we decided to do a spot check of the market again.

Treasure Core (48 items)
  • 160,000 - All sold by 1 person and it's not us. This high price might spark more people to visit the particular map in order to collect more Cores than to buy from the market.
Pure Otite (100+)
  • Min - 1,450,000
  • Max - 1,899,000
  • Median - 1,600,000 This price seems overpriced for us as it would be so much cheaper to collect the Pure Otite ourselves.
Mysterious Powder (672) - This seems popular recently with so many listings. With so much supply, no wonder the price has dropped.
  • Min - 720,000
  • Max - 1,000,000
  • Median - 791,111 Wonder why the guy chose this odd price
Upgrade Accelerator (600 exactly)
  • Min - 1,333,333
  • Max - 1,499,999
  • Median - 1,380,000 This is our first time making this entry so we don't know how expensive this is considered to be. We get ours directly from the source (bazaar) instead of through resellers at the market.
Level 84 Enchantment Chip (37)
  • Min - 450,000
  • Max - 800,000
  • Median - 500,000
Level 92 Enchantment Chip (100+)
  • Min - 1,600,000
  • Max - 111,111,111 Obviously no one is going to pay such a ridiculous price
  • Median - 1,900,000
Level 100 Enchantment Chip (28)
  • Min - 10,600,000
  • Max - 15,000,000
  • Median - 14,000,000
There were no Mysterious Steel Piece being sold tonight.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Girl's wizard swimsuit

We brought a bikini swimsuit for our wizard Louise tonight. Eager to put it to good use, Louise stripped our of her normally stuffy outfit and changed into the bikini at Gigante Island. Unfortunately, the Beach was too crowded so we had to visit other areas of the island.

Baron level 3

We saw a family in town that had baron level 3. It's pretty rare to see such people in town and the last time we saw one of at least such a level was many months ago. Upon closer inspection of these barons, we noticed that they had a set of 3 red number floatings above their heads. The numbers were 1, 64, and 128. We wonder if they indicate anything or if it is a homage to something else.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stuck in the barracks

We're stuck in the barracks tonight. After an earlier jaunt to retrieve some vis from the Market Manager's Cabinet, we found ourselves locked inside the barracks. Various members were ready to go but all were unable to get outside. Perhaps there's something going outside in the world and hopefully it'll be fixed in a few hours.

The forum continues to be inoperative as the date setting is incorrect. There's no way to tell if a post is really new. Guess we'll amuse ourselves with some indoor activities.

Time travel!

It's not related to the game world but it seems the game forum is configured improperly at the moment. It thinks that today is November 19, 2008 and hence, all our communication entries are lost in the middle of threads. Looking at the latest timestamps, the error occurred late yesterday afternoon.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

State of the economy of Bristia

All prices in Vis

Treasure Core (hundreds of items)
  • Min - 99,000
  • Max - 150,000
  • Median - 120,000
Mysterious Powder (hundreds of items)
  • Min - 800,000
  • Max 845,000
  • Median 825,000
Pure Otite
  • Single entry of 2 million
Level 84 Enchantment Chip (hundreds of items)
  • Min - 410,000
  • Max - 600,000
  • Median - 460,000
Level 92 Enchantment Chip (53 items)
  • Min - 1,999,999
  • Max - 2,250,000
  • Median - 2,000,000
Level 100 Enchantment Chip (8 items)
  • Min - 10,500,000
  • Max - 13,000,000
  • Median - 13,000,000 (7 of 8 items at this price)
Mysterious Steel Piece (2 items)
  • Min - 40,000,000
  • Max - 41,000,000

We were about to write that inflation has hit us hard but looking back at the previous entry written 20 days ago, it's not all that bad and some median prices have actually dropped.

Soso @ 60

Since the Underground Relics was opened just after we finished gathering the Cabinet Pieces, we visited it to train our Soso to level 60. At level 60, our Soso was able to switch out her Elite level 52 Gaiters (the brown one) for level 60 Ancestral Gaiters (the blue one).

More Cabinet pieces

Gathered 8 Cabinet Pieces just now. It was strange in that none of the creatures we were looking for appeared in channels 2 and 3 at the appointed time (1PM server time). Therefore, we switched to channel 1 at 1:10PM and was fortunate that there were few hunters today. Time to check if any of those Cabinet Pieces are the ones we are looking for.

Screaming of Spirits & Cabinet Pieces

Yesterday and very early this morning, we managed to gather 19 Cabinet Pieces from Prison de Joaquin ,Schivarliere. We found that it was much less crowded at 1PM server time than at 10PM server time since we managed to gather 16 pieces on the first and only 3 on the second. This is part of the quest is known as the Screaming of Spirits and for us, it takes place around 4PM EST and 1AM EST. To be precise, the Succeed Reagent appeared at exactly 4:06PM EST and 1:06AM EST for us and there was no need to interact with any of the Overturn boxes. The precise times we recorded down is from 2 sources, synchronized over the Web and through our cell phone network. To be late even 1 minute means that some other family may already have defeated Succeed Reagents.

Unfortunately, we still didn't find the 2 Cabinet Pieces we were missing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lucifer Wings

Since we were using up our premium items, we decided to try out the Lucifer Wings. It gives +1 ATK, +10% Attack, +1000 hitpoints, and absorbs 5% damage from beasts. It is also supposed to only last for 30 days. We haven't noticed much of a difference when defeating mobs in El Canon though as it still required 2 non critical attack rounds to defeat them.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Same old maps

We attempted training with Calypso in Rion Hollows last night but the same old maps and soundtracks were getting to us such that we could not wait to get out of there even though we found a good room to occupy. On a lark, we decided to try El Canon even though our Calypso is only level 64 and to our surprise, she was able to survive there without issues. Unfortunately, that poorly lit map and soundtrack was also getting to us and after a 20 minutes, we decided head back to the barracks for the night. Perhaps we'll enter a Forgotten Area on Friday night and stay there till Saturday but at the moment, we feel as if we've explored all that we could explore by ourselves and there are no longer clan obligations to fulfill that would draw us out of the barracks.

Perhaps we'll spend the rest of our Gold on a Premium Treasure chest service and on costumes for everyone. Maybe even spend some Mysterious Powders on Baek Ho.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Financially strapped

Ah, we're so financially strapped tonight. Spent all our vis on a few relatively inexpensive Pure Otites and now we're down to less than 15k vis. Our Calypso and Grace had to scrounge for food off of Rion Hollow's floors as we couldn't afford Healing Potions.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Elementalist costumes

Mutation Elementalist costume front
How the skirt of the costume flows out from the Mutation Elementalist costume.
"The Elementalist" costume. It's really shiny as if silk.
Tonight, our Andre created The Elementalist costume. As this probably completes our set of Elementalist costumes, we probably won't be looking for any more Mutation Elementalist costumes and hence included pictures of it. The Elementalist costume is also visible to people wearing level 80 Ancestral Robes.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rion Hollows

Training Calypso tonight at Rion Dungeon Corridor and Rion Hollows. With the world being more stable, it was a pretty crowded place with at least one family in each room. We will probably not leave them unsupervised here, mostly because Grace will run out of shotgun shells before the night is over and there are too many beasts for 1 rifle to handle.

Underground Relics

Last night, we decided to let our Calypso train unsupervised with Grace and Emilia in the Sacred Dungeon (aka Underground Relics). It was entirely by chance that the entrance was opened right when we stepped into the world and as such, we headed there after a brief check of the market (Mysterious Powder are around 900k). It's pretty rare for our family to let our members roam free as we keep them on a tight lease. However, there are a few maps where we allow that to happen. The final result was that our Calypso gained 8 character levels, maxed out her Escrima stance, and our Grace used about 23k rifle bullets over a period of 9 hours.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unstable world

Nothing much going on tonight, just the latest in a series of days with an unstable world. It's one of the rare times that Gigante Beach is completely empty.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Evening's activities

We initially planned to train Calypso tonight on Gigante Beach but it was packed. Fortunately, as we were leaving the area, we discovered that someone had opened the Sacred Dungeon. Therefore, we had Grace and Emilia train Lisa to level 60 there such that Lisa can pass on her ancestral equipment to Calypso. Other than the person who opened the dungeon, it was empty there. After that person left, we had free reign of it for hours and easily gain a level per hour.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Leveling efficiencies

Today, we were fortunate to see the difference in 2 methods of leveling characters. The setting is Gigante and a family and our family were both leveling Calypso with similar levels (theirs started about 3 or 4 levels below). The main difference was that their family used a Veteran Musketeer (with Sightshot) and a Veteran Kurt along with their Calypso. We only had Grace (with Standing Shot) and Calypso. Although their family took up a wider area of the beach and probably killed more crabs/starfish with their 2 Veteran characters (and their summoned Grim Reaper), their Calypso did not seem to gain any levels at all while ours gained 4 levels during that time period. At this moment, we're halfway to a difference of 5 levels.

Of course, there's always a possibility that there are on the Master end of the Apprentice system but that didn't see likely as the other families on the beach are way more powerful with Experts and it would seem odd to bring a low level Calypso there.

And finally to verify that we weren't just seeing things, there was a Gertrude being trained by just a Romina up the beach and we can see that he has gained a few levels during the same time period.


After yesterday's incident with the cowardly criminals, we appealed to Princess Gabriella for help. Recognizing that there are such wretches scurrying about in the world, Princess Gabriella ordered Calypso to journey with us. She is said to be a very good assassin and can use crossbows, which have very good penetration.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Level 84 Elite weapon recipes

This afternoon, we placed all our level 84 elite weapon recipes (shaft hammer, great sword, dagger, imperial shotgun, and a few others) on to the market at prices ranging from 10k to 20k vis and was quite surprised that they all sold within a few hours. We wonder who actually uses these recipes as the ingredients for the recipe such as high quality gems and mysterious steel pieces cost a multiple of the finished weapon itself. For example, we saw a listing for a Shaft Hammer at 4 million vis but the Mysterious Steel Piece listed in the Shaft Hammer recipe costs upwards of 40 million vis. A High Quality Ruby costs between 6 to 7 million vis and one of the recipes called for 3 of them. Searching the market, the finished weapon can be brought for less than 3 million vis.

Cowards list:

kittitee of ShadowMarauders clan - For using Veterans to baron AFK people on Gigante Beach.
Amorix of ShadowMarauders clan - Partner in crime.

Unfortunately, we were unable to catch kittitee as they fled like the cowards they are. Fortunately, their partner in crime Amorix stayed behind and our spontaneous posse (haven't had time to catch the names of the other families) hunted him down across the map.

One may wonder why we put up with this but we take great satisfaction in taking vengeance against barons, especially those who have wronged us. Actually managing to catch and defeat one brings an immense afterglow. Not managing to catch one is like an early withdrawal and since most of them flee like cowards, it usually leads to disappointments. Catching but not actually defeating one is fine though but that's extremely rare.

Hatchery Day 3: A Poppet is born

This morning, we visited the Hatchery and our pet Poppet was born. At first, some weak guards tried to take it away from us but they were no match to bullets. Taking the newly born Poppet to the Pet Master, we christened it with the name of Mokona.
We also picked up a Shaft Hammer recipe today. It is supposed to be a level 84 Mace type weapon with an AR of 26. We think we picked it up in Abertal with a slight chance that it may have been from Via Fluvial. Since we already have a superior blunt weapon and the recipe requires a Mysterious Steel Piece, we most likely won't be using this recipe.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Unusual number of Golden Bats

There was an unusual number of Golden Bats in Capybara Plantation tonight. In walking through the dungeon just once from the entrance to the marker, we've encountered 4 different Golden Bats. It wasn't the same Golden Bat as we backtracked and confirmed their positions. We think they might be stalking us. Fortunately, the're not aggressive and we can actually walk up to them.
We didn't think the "Key to Capybara" dropped from the normal creatures in the Plantation but we managed to get a few of them.

Pure Gold Bars

We managed to get an early start with adventuring today and managed to gather 16 Cabinet pieces from Joaquin. This allowed us to complete a set for Elizabeth in Auch. Elizabeth gave us 3 Pure Gold Bars as a reward. As we do not have a major financial need at the moment, we shall keep these Pure Gold Bars instead of selling them.

Day 2

It turns out that missing a day doesn't affect the egg at all as it think that it's on the 2nd day when 2 days have passed already.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Although the Hatchery door was open, we were unable to visit it as there were some server issues. Wonder what will happen when the egg is neglected for a day.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hatchery Day 1

We managed to find some Moss Covered Eggs for sale at the market today. At about 280k, it seemed affordable so we purchased one. We initially offered to give the egg to the Pet Master but he wanted to eat it so we kept it instead. Fortunately, we were able to rescue him from a giant furry creature at the beach and he allowed us to enter the Hatchery.
It was a mess inside the Hatchery with rats runnings around the place. Bullets worked wonders against them as they tried to flee to the other side of the Hatchery. After the place was cleaned, we cleaned the moss off the egg and that was enough for today.
Note to ourselves, we cleaned the egg at 9:59PM and have to revisit it tomorrow and the day after if we want it to grow into a Poppet.

Capybara Saw

Tonight, we managed to pick up a Capybara Saw in Abertal. It's funny how the size has changed as it's much bigger now than when the Capybara was wielding it. We also walked a lap around Capybara Plantation in search of a Capybara Sickle but somehow managed to pick up a Mysterious Steel Piece instead.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Clara Mago

Tonight, we managed to find the Clara Mago hairstyle for our wizard Louise. It costed only 200k at the market and now her outfit is complete.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Alegrias Costume

Tonight, we managed to pick up an Original Male Elementalist outfit for a mere 400k vis. This allowed us to craft the Alegrias Costume for our elementalist Eloise. It seems to be a rare outfit as we have yet to see any other elementalist wear it before.
The semi transparency of the gown and the way it softly reflects light is impressive.
It's also relatively modest too in terms of the amount of skin it shows.

State of the economy of Bristia

In vis,

Pure Otite
  • Max : 5.6 million
  • Min: 1.9 million
  • Median: 2.5 million
Mysterious Powder
  • Max: 940K
  • Min: 922K
  • Median: 935K
Treasure Core
  • Max: 85K
  • Min: 79K
  • Median: 85K
Level 100 chip
  • Max: 8.0 million
  • Min: 6.5 million
  • Median: 7.0 million
Level 92 chip
  • Max: 1.9 million
  • Min: 1.6 million
  • Median: 1.7 million
Level 84 chip
  • Max: 600k
  • Min: 440k
  • Median: 500k

Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Abertal & Via Fluval

Just a continuation of yesterday until our pistol bullets run out. Along the way, we've picked up a Rare Book of Combat and a Rare Book of Magic. Unfortunately, we don't have much use for these yet and we also already have a few of each in the warehouse. We've also picked up quite a few Mega Ionium and Mega Aidanium so they should at least be useful in the future. Finally, we discovered 2 people who wanted up to collect all 10 pages of the Old Journal. Collecting the 10th page seems tough.