Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cowards list:

kittitee of ShadowMarauders clan - For using Veterans to baron AFK people on Gigante Beach.
Amorix of ShadowMarauders clan - Partner in crime.

Unfortunately, we were unable to catch kittitee as they fled like the cowards they are. Fortunately, their partner in crime Amorix stayed behind and our spontaneous posse (haven't had time to catch the names of the other families) hunted him down across the map.

One may wonder why we put up with this but we take great satisfaction in taking vengeance against barons, especially those who have wronged us. Actually managing to catch and defeat one brings an immense afterglow. Not managing to catch one is like an early withdrawal and since most of them flee like cowards, it usually leads to disappointments. Catching but not actually defeating one is fine though but that's extremely rare.

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