Saturday, February 7, 2009

Level 84 Elite weapon recipes

This afternoon, we placed all our level 84 elite weapon recipes (shaft hammer, great sword, dagger, imperial shotgun, and a few others) on to the market at prices ranging from 10k to 20k vis and was quite surprised that they all sold within a few hours. We wonder who actually uses these recipes as the ingredients for the recipe such as high quality gems and mysterious steel pieces cost a multiple of the finished weapon itself. For example, we saw a listing for a Shaft Hammer at 4 million vis but the Mysterious Steel Piece listed in the Shaft Hammer recipe costs upwards of 40 million vis. A High Quality Ruby costs between 6 to 7 million vis and one of the recipes called for 3 of them. Searching the market, the finished weapon can be brought for less than 3 million vis.

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