Sunday, February 8, 2009

Leveling efficiencies

Today, we were fortunate to see the difference in 2 methods of leveling characters. The setting is Gigante and a family and our family were both leveling Calypso with similar levels (theirs started about 3 or 4 levels below). The main difference was that their family used a Veteran Musketeer (with Sightshot) and a Veteran Kurt along with their Calypso. We only had Grace (with Standing Shot) and Calypso. Although their family took up a wider area of the beach and probably killed more crabs/starfish with their 2 Veteran characters (and their summoned Grim Reaper), their Calypso did not seem to gain any levels at all while ours gained 4 levels during that time period. At this moment, we're halfway to a difference of 5 levels.

Of course, there's always a possibility that there are on the Master end of the Apprentice system but that didn't see likely as the other families on the beach are way more powerful with Experts and it would seem odd to bring a low level Calypso there.

And finally to verify that we weren't just seeing things, there was a Gertrude being trained by just a Romina up the beach and we can see that he has gained a few levels during the same time period.

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