Thursday, February 19, 2009

Same old maps

We attempted training with Calypso in Rion Hollows last night but the same old maps and soundtracks were getting to us such that we could not wait to get out of there even though we found a good room to occupy. On a lark, we decided to try El Canon even though our Calypso is only level 64 and to our surprise, she was able to survive there without issues. Unfortunately, that poorly lit map and soundtrack was also getting to us and after a 20 minutes, we decided head back to the barracks for the night. Perhaps we'll enter a Forgotten Area on Friday night and stay there till Saturday but at the moment, we feel as if we've explored all that we could explore by ourselves and there are no longer clan obligations to fulfill that would draw us out of the barracks.

Perhaps we'll spend the rest of our Gold on a Premium Treasure chest service and on costumes for everyone. Maybe even spend some Mysterious Powders on Baek Ho.

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