Sunday, February 22, 2009

Screaming of Spirits & Cabinet Pieces

Yesterday and very early this morning, we managed to gather 19 Cabinet Pieces from Prison de Joaquin ,Schivarliere. We found that it was much less crowded at 1PM server time than at 10PM server time since we managed to gather 16 pieces on the first and only 3 on the second. This is part of the quest is known as the Screaming of Spirits and for us, it takes place around 4PM EST and 1AM EST. To be precise, the Succeed Reagent appeared at exactly 4:06PM EST and 1:06AM EST for us and there was no need to interact with any of the Overturn boxes. The precise times we recorded down is from 2 sources, synchronized over the Web and through our cell phone network. To be late even 1 minute means that some other family may already have defeated Succeed Reagents.

Unfortunately, we still didn't find the 2 Cabinet Pieces we were missing.

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